The Strokes “You Only Live Once” Video Revealed

After much anticipation, the new Strokes video for “You Only Live Once” is available for your viewing RIGHT NOW!

It’s basically The Strokes playing in an all-white room, wearing all white, with mysterious black water coming out of various holes in the wall. Julian DANCES (and looks GREAT btw), and the ending…well…even though it’s a little Britney Spears “Everytime”, I love it!

WATCH: “You Only Live Once” by The Strokes

yolo video

yolo video

britney spears everytime

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  1. YES! I can’t get enough of it right now.


    Thanks to the talented restless hands/blindbadger for these.

    I feel bad for Fab though. Poor guy never had a chance.

  2. Damn, sorry the links didn’t work. If you copy and paste ( and take away the IMG) they are hilarious.

  3. Did anyone see them on Conan? Or Leno? He was doing the same moves. It makes me kind of sad, actually, ’cause just like they succumbed to critics of their music for this new album (they made it completely different), they also succumbed to critics of their live show, by doing dances instead of just standing there looking cool.

    Sorry, it just gets me worked up!

  4. I get what you’re saying, but Julian was a mover a few years ago, then he stopped. I think it’s the change in the music that brough the dancing, and I think the change in the music was a natural progression.

    I hope the critics haven’t got to them. They talk shit.

  5. um those are the gayest outfits evs. when is anyone going to say this? i can’t believe they were able to get nick to get out of his pirate/rocknroll/keith richards outfit to get into…that. or actually, how he was even technically able to get those pants off. do you think they had to be cut off??

  6. the critics tried.

    and the hipsters tried.

    and their girlfriends tried.

    but in the end, it was water that killed the strokes.

  7. jules has a good look happening here, but overall this video is wack. Any professional music video director still using fish eye lenses should be taken out back and shot. and i don’t mean with a camera. c’mon strokes, go back to Roman Coppola. you used to have it so much better.

  8. the critics tried.

    and the hipsters tried.

    and their girlfriends tried.

    but in the end, it was water that killed the strokes.

    Oh yeah, and more haha-ing — I can’t believe I got pimped on here! Crazy.

  9. You have got to be shitting me………

    they came up with that after heart in a cage??

    *pulls out leather glove*


  10. “Oh yeah, and more haha-ing — I can’t believe I got pimped on here! Crazy.”

    Hell yeah! I love your avatars.

  11. it’s just the strokes trying somthing different, hey at least their still playing their instruments! other bands just make lame mini movies, it’s the music that matters people! videos are just a way to keep your attention for 3 minuets so you can hear there song and maybe buy their album, common seriously when was the last time you bought an album because of a vid?
    yeah, never, so give them a break!, julians little dance move certainly got and held my attention. And while on the subject who else thinks it would be cool to see nikoli sing and dance up front for change??? Now thats a video i would want to see!!!

  12. i think the strokes are bad ass. that vid made me laugh. i think the dance moves are quirky and funny. hes got a sense of humor. best part of the vid is fab, when hes submerged still playing. if you all like this band, check out this sweet california band……kind of a hybrid between the strokes and kings. they are called Cape May.

  13. mmmm…. mmmm… i think they’re REALLY COOL!! i love them very much… and i love julian dance like this! ok, maybe a little crazy… but… the important is the music.. and is better if they’re crazy!

  14. oh, that was so funny…julian dancing?! that is something i never thought id ever see…plus, it isnt even possible to play the drums under that shit…but whatever…it was funny…loving this, crazy as it is!!!

  15. The Strokes are a very talented band and maybe you guys should appreciate that more! They have awesome style and you know you wanna be just like them…but you can’t! Cuz you’re not them and that;s the point. They have a style all their own and they don’t care whether you like it or not. Julian is the hottest man alive and the rest of the guys rock!!!!! I love this band so much and I think in the next couple of years they are really going to take off! Keep up the good work guys!

  16. Man forget all of you losers who dont appreciate the strokes….. man ive been listening to these guys ever since there first track “Hard to Explain” came out and man these guys are still good… ive never not liked a song that they have played and if you really are a true stroke fans like myself you wont care wat others say… i personally like julians dancing and the facial expression in which he displays during this video man these guys are the real deal oh one more thing i kinda felt sorry for nick the bass player in the video he kinda just played in the back i dont know maybe he was afraid of the water or sumthing hahah yea the strokes are the shitttttttt

  17. i really love this clip…..julian’s little quirky moves are really entertaining! oh and i love the white clothes!!! i saw these guys live on friday night and they f*#%ing blew my mind. albert was brilliant….he really got in to it, and fab’s drumming was sensational. give me more!!!!!

  18. your all a bunch of cocks this video is amazing the clothes and all i wish i had that jacket jules has. his dancing is groovy its quirky like him and follows no rules they can do what they want they can change what they want their the strokes your all pathetic go back and listen to is this it if you dont like change….faggots

  19. ugh. love love love the song. it makes me so happy. the video is such a letdown for such a great song. it doesn’t capture the mood of the song at all.

  20. there was another you only live once video by the strokes before this one…it was really good…anyone know what im talking about or where to find it?

  21. yea i luv dis video.
    love julians dance moves lmao
    can’t wait until they release a new album
    i will be the 1st in line

  22. you know wat everbody this video i think compleeeeetly captures the mood of the song i personally love this video lol and wat theyre wearing is sooo awsome mann iuno wat some of you people are talking about how teh video ruined the song? whaaat noo way it made it better and the dance moves are soo funny haha oh well i love the video i love every strokes song and yeah best band ever thats all! cant wait for the next album and for those who havent go check out alberts solo stuff also excellllllent

  23. yo does anyone know where julian got his jacket with the chess board im trying to find it but cant

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