Monkey Business: Andy OUT Nick IN

To all bassists: consider yourself warned. From

Andy Nicholson

We are sad to tell everyone that Andy is no longer with the band.

Nick O’Malley, who stood in for Andy while he was absent from the recent tour of North America, shall carry on playing bass for the remaining shows this summer.

We have been mates with Andy for a long time and have been through some amazing things together that no one can take away. We all wish Andy the very best.

Alex, Jamie and Matt.

Hmmm…wonder what happened. Should Andy and former Panic! at the Disco member Bret Wilson start a support group for ousted bassists?

The kids on ONTD are excited about the hotness upgrade.

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  1. they make it sound like he died? yeah cos you wish ‘the very best’ to dead people all the time

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