Mission “Get Back to Sleep” Accomplished

Today I successfully cleaned off my desk to make way for my computer. I’d been living in squalor, harboring my computer in my bedroom for the last couple months or so and it was totally starting to interfere with my sleeping.

Before I had my computer in my bedroom I could sleep through the night no problem, but recently I’ve been waking up for short periods of time a few hours before I had to and it was driving me CRAZY. So today I buckled down and moved it out of the sleeping room and into the living room.

My life feels more orderly already.

Hooray for peaceful slumber.

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2 replies on “Mission “Get Back to Sleep” Accomplished”

  1. I used to have the same problem, for months I used to just be nodding off and I would remember something I hadn’t finished, so up i would get, walk all of three feet and fire up the old machine again. I finally got it out of the bedroom and thought that I would now be waking up refreshed and raring to go every day.
    Wrong, instead I lay in bed watching the late night tv shows till I drop off. I guess that’s the next thing to go.

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