Nick Valensi Marries His Baby’s Mama

There were rumors about Nick Valensi already being married to Amanda de Cadenet because of the ring on his finger in the photo below taken on June 10th in Cali at 105’s BDF Concert…but according to this interview, Nick himself is confessing to being hitched by saying, “The coolest person I know right know is my wife.”

Julian, Nick, Nikolai…What’sup Fab and Drew?

nick ring finger

[SOURCE: Oh Someday, Photo found at] 

6 Replies to “Nick Valensi Marries His Baby’s Mama”

  1. not being married is just so magicallllllllllllllll, so me and fab have, like, no plans right now because we’re in a world of flowers and daisies and stuff.

  2. Nick is way too young to be married to a 34 year old. He deserves someone younger: LIKE ME! i’m 16 and have a major crush on Nick Valensi. If you see this message Nick- please, promise me that you’ll come back and tour Australia soon…
    Love u always xoxo

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