Thinking Underage

Do you know who loves Teddy Geiger? Me. Uh huh. I’m also the one person who liked Love Monkey, so I guess it’s fitting.

I was totally bummed when I missed El Geiger playing the free Target Children’s Day this past Saturday at South Street Seaport’s Pier 17 which around 100,000 people attended. Seriously, if you were anywhere within 20 feet of me on the 10th you probably heard me talking about being really sad about not seeing Teddy Geiger around 7:30pm.

If you don’t know who Teddy Geiger is, he’s the kid who sings “For You I Will (Confidence)”–you know, the song with the video with Laguna Beach‘s Kristen Cavalleri…and the song Ben calls “The Mustard Song”. Oh and he’s also the guy the girls on Miss Seventeen gave a makeover to. What? I’m also the only one who watched that show as well? Darn it.

Watch some video of him singing at the Seaport:

WATCH: “For You I Will (Confidence)” by Teddy Geiger (Live at South Street Seaport)

WATCH: “A Million Years” by Teddy Geiger (Live at SoStSea)

According to the event publicist, “He performed for over an hour to lots of young screaming girls and a few young guys.

That sentence alone makes me love Teddy Geiger that much more. Viva El Geiger!

teddy geiger

Photo by Megan Doyle

12 Replies to “Thinking Underage”

  1. seems like john mayer junior. except less respectable. i thought he was a fictional character but it turns out hes just a whore

  2. yeah, john mayer’s songs aren’t on the level of fall out boy or panic! at the disco, that’s for daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn sure.

    FoB 4 lyfe

  3. Dude, my Mom loved Love Monkey. And when she found out that Teddy Geiger was the same guy who was on that show, she bought his CD. She sings along with it when she’s in the car.

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