Raconteurs Team Up with Paul Ruebens

From the Raconteurs mailing list:

The Raconteurs have teamed up with Paul Ruebens, best known for his work as Pee Wee Herman, in a brand new video for their single, “Steady, As She Goes.” In this video, each band member plays an imaginative speed-racing hero in an old-fashioned soap box race, following the heroes on their cut-throat chase for first place. Ruebens plays an unscrupulous pit boss, stooping to low levels to ensure a win for his racer.

The video will premiere exclusively on Yahoo! Music on Monday, June 19th. You can also catch a debut live performance of “Steady, As She Goes” and an interview with The Raconteurs on Live @ Y! Music beginning today, Monday, June 12th, recorded live at Y! music studios last week.

UPDATE. Rayna emailed me the link last night:

WATCH: “Steady as She Goes” video by The Raconteurs

14 Replies to “Raconteurs Team Up with Paul Ruebens”

  1. i soo didnt even recognize peewee until he made the face after he spit the dart, aww peewee, i mean paul reubens

  2. Does anyone else find it semi-disturbing that after being caught spanking it in a movie theater, Reubens is in a kiddie-themed music video? Maybe that’s what they intended. Spooky.

  3. its fantastic! better than the last one. i wonder if they re-made it to try to get it more airplay or if they just love peewee?

  4. ok so when is jack gonna just give in to baldness and quit hiding his dome-I love in the end how his hair is blowing but not by his temples-where ik is glued down to hide his dissapearing hair!

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