Strokes + Pearl Jam + QOTSA = Awesome, Strokes vs. Panic! = Not Awesome

Could a collabo between Casablancas, Vedder, and Homme be in the can as a b-side for “You Only Live Once”? The song? “Mercy Mercy Me” by Marvin Gaye. reports.

In other Strokes news, what in the world is this “Hot or Not” video pitting Panic! at the Disco vs. The Strokes against each other? According to Much Music Panic! is HOT and The Strokes are NOT, calling them “New York City rich kids who have turned out some fair to middling vanity projects in the last few years.” What!? They go on to suggest that The Strokes are also potheads.

Was plugging Panic! part of the deal with getting FOB to be guests at the Much Music Video Awards next week?

WATCH: “Panic! vs Strokes” on “Hot or Not” Much Music

[SOURCE: Strokes MB]

10 Replies to “Strokes + Pearl Jam + QOTSA = Awesome, Strokes vs. Panic! = Not Awesome”

  1. my mom got to love Marvin Gaye.the man was so effin talented.what a great song to cover for these times.i still don’t understand why bands have nothing really to say these days besides Greenday of all peeps.oh yeah they’re busy building empires off of crap music and no talent.Paris Hilton +FOB at Much Music?!SIGN ME UP FOR THAT SH*T

  2. Meh. No one takes Much Music seriously anymore, anyway. They’re all about the kids, you know? The “tweens. Mostly, MM just shows recycled MTV programming or home-grown knockoffs. In other words, the opinions of anyone on Much are about as valid in the grand scheme of things as, well, anonymous internet trolls.

  3. rumor has it that nick is married now and it’s pretty much accepted that albert is engaged and fab is attached to drew…. my point being that it makes sense to call the strokes not hot since they are all literally or practically married and mm is the fangirl haven.

  4. don’t even go there! saying the strokes aren’t hot?? you don’t belong on this webpage!

  5. is this serious? the strokes by far. Panic! at the disco…A.K.A.
    NO TALENT! at the disco is the worst band alive.

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