Happy Birthday Melody Nelson!

Wishing Miss Audrey “Melody Nelson a very happy birthday! We love you so much that we ventured outdoors and risked our pasty complexions to celebrate your special day. I struggled with the concept of shooting in the DAYLIGHT. (Seriously, is this how most normal people see the world?) Holy cow! We cheered when your new song with Die Romantik, “Elisa”, was first spun. Here’s to you, kid!

DOWNLOAD: “Elisa” by Die Romantik (featuring Melody Nelson)

Check out how STUNNING Audrey looked! If “foxy” was a six letter word, it would be spelt “A-U-D-R-E-Y” …And check out how retardedly beautiful/hot/cute the other party-goers were–you kids are so pretty, I do declare, you give me the vapors.

adam and audrey

More photos after the jump…

nina and gina

lawrence sarah brandon

misshapes audrey

nick journey

jocelyn melissa emily



jacob nora

rob niki

ashley jonny audrey

patrick antony laura


melissa vince



jocelyn jinners

nina and shawn

5 o'clock heroes cabana

More on Flickr and probably a photo update later.

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  1. THANK YOUUUUU! For coming to the party, for the great photos, for your cuteness, for the compliments, for the cheers, for calling me a kid (!!), and most importantly for being in a love with a fall out boy… wha????

    Love, audrey * melody nelson

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