The Future Is Now

Wow. Seriously, at least one of Young Love‘s songs will be on your iPod “25 Most Played” list by the end of this year. I just got back from their first ever performance at a totally PACKED house at Stolen Transmission @ The Annex. Their set was pretty damn good for a band who’d never performed before a crowd before. I can only imagine they’ll be even more awesome as time goes on.

The music is so dancealicious I can hardly believe that Dan Keyes (the brains behind YL) was in emo punk band Recover. I wonder how the dance demon finally got unleashed!

They’ll be playing next Thursday, and the Thursday after that at the Annex as well, so definitely check them out in the next couple of weeks. You will be able to tell all your buddies that you saw Young Love “back in the day” for FREE on the Lower East Side. Your buddies will then hate you for being so f-cking hip.

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  1. I’d like to have even ONE of their songs on my iPod right now… I’ve never heard of them…. Any links?

  2. This may have been one of the worst shows I have seen in NY. I wasn’t really planning on going but was down the street and thought I would check it out. After the second song I had to leave. It was absolutely unbearable. That particular music scene is quickly becoming laughable at best.

  3. I agree with above. This “band:” was pure garbage. Even if musicians with talent covered these atrocious excuses for songs, this music would still be terrible. This show was absolute sh*t. And, please, pretty please, shout me out for posting anonymously, as if you would actually take the time to correspond with me via e-mail.

  4. What genre? Those songs were pretty damn original and really well written. Sounded like pop music. It was awesome!!

  5. Anonymous, sorry your band is getting enough attention. Is the guitar player from Recover too? He’s a shredder!

  6. dans the man, and a nice guy all around. but the songs are bad, just not good at all. sorry, i went with an open mind, and even through the middle of the short 5 song set, i tried to keep that open mind, but it just left a bad taste in my mouth.

  7. you’re all turds and tards. the band played fantastically together, especially for it being the first time in front of a real crowd.

  8. what a scam. turns out these guys are signed to island def jam.

    before any sort of announcement, the record label is paying publicists to hype them up. don’t you think it’s strange that a band that has NEVER played before a crowd has a full house for their FIRST show, and how the publicists have nothing but praise for these guys? total bullshit. more polished turds from the crap factory known as the record industry.

    themodernage and ultragrrrl should be ashamed of themselves. but i guess everybody has a price.

  9. Truth Exposure! Wow! Did you hear that a bunch of planes flew into the world trade center?!?!

    I WORK at Island/Def Jam. Young Love was signed by my partner. I ANNOUNCED THIS FROM DAY ONE.

    You should rename yourself to Captian Obvious.

  10. Am I missing something? Were the performances that much different than the songs on the young love myspace site? The myspace songs are wicked.

    I’m sure that a fan of opera to the exclusion of all other music won’t like YL. Someone that doesn’t like anything but punk won’t like it. A die hard country and western only fan won’t like it. Someone that’s doesn’t like that scene, isn’t going to like that scene. Isn’t that kind of obvious?

    Your comment “That particular music scene is quickly becoming laughable at best” clearly shows that your problem is a lot more than YL, considering it was their first performance. You know that. And it obvious to anyone that reads your posts.

    I love the songs on myspace. To call discotech atrocious is outside the realm of being reasonable. That kind of violent hatred is not because of some pop dance songs, it comes from something much deeper, from somekind of emotion instability. Being a miserable whiny human being is so much more atrocious than some pop dance songs.

  11. Its pretty crazy. This is the first time i have seen a bad comment about this band. I have some of the demos. That is how they got signed. Everyone one of my friends and even random people around me get into this music on first listen. I have a bias becuase i have been a huge fan of dans music and for his philosohies in general. In fact, he was so real about music industry when i last heard him talk. With Recover their only path to great financial success was through 15 year old kids and losers with makeup on. I saw his face on their last show and i saw thier last show back in June where mainly his friends were there. He fuckin hated the scene. It wasnt his fault or his music. Recover is amazing. He just loves to fuckin party, loves making music, loves dancing, and hated his path to success. Him and Rory made some sweet ass demos and it is much better than anything else that is meant for partying(rap, hip/hop, techno) Its like a party with amazing song writing abilities applied. Plus his voice is much better than all of that other dance shit crap you compare this to. I didnt see their FIRST few shows, but i gauruntee they will eventually have the best live show you have seen. Their label is gonna be rich and i dont think anybody is gonan have to be manipulated for this one. I think that is how they got signed in the first place. Less work, good stock.

  12. For those of you who said that Young Love sucks. Must clearly have something wrong with them. Or you just plain suck. Go get a life and don’t sit around complaining.

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