The Inexplicable Devotion of 30 Seconds to Mars Fans

Jax, The Rock Insider, has the scoop on the craziness of fans in LA.

She drove by the Avalon around 8:30am on her way to work and noticed a gaggle of sad looking, emo-ish fan boys and girls lined up to get into that evening’s show. She pondered who the headliner could be that night…”Fall Out Boy? Hawthorne Heights? AFI?” Nope, nope, and nope. By looking up the club listing on her computer she discovered the inspired fanlove was for…30 Seconds to Mars?!?!? (Yeah I know, it was also news to me that they have fans.)

That makes my stomach turn a little. I mean 30 SECONDS TO MARS? Half those kids probably weren’t even out of diapers when My So-Called Life was on TV–which terrifies me even more. That means they aren’t simply going for the Catalano cheese factor (Frozen Embryos–HOOLLLAAA!)–THEY ACTUALLY LIKE THE MUSIC. I know this is kinda contradictory coming from someone who just posted about Fall Out Boy, but c’mon, 30 Seconds to Mars < x10 Fall Out Boy. I may have LOW standards, but I do have standards.

This also reminds me of the time when I was at Coachella in 2003 and saw Jared Leto with long hair AND A PINK STREAK. I had just come off a two-day My So-Called Life marathon, so I insisted upon taking a photo with him because seriously, how often am I ever watching MS-CL and then running into Leto? 30 Seconds to Mars wasn’t even playing the festival, he was just there hanging out with then-girlfriend Cameron Diaz. Now that Cammy D is dating/practically married to Justin Timberlake, I gotta say: UPGRADE.

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  1. 30 seconds to mars gets right under my skin too. I was playing in a house band on Last Call with Carson Daly out in L.A. 30 STM was the musical guest one night. I used to watch all the musical guest soudcheck/rehearse. There’s nothing more gutwrenching than watching Jared Leto pracitice his clenched/gloved fist by the face move followed by a leap off stage/run throught the crowd move. Nauseating stuff.

  2. Very emotional stuff there. Nothing like some good teenage angst/blind devotion to make a funny video even more amusing.

  3. You’re a fucking idiot. 30 Seconds to Mars is incredibly talented. Check out their debut album for proof.

    Jared Leto>you fuckers.

  4. 30 seconds to mars is awsome, jared is talented, and seriously he matters to the world a lot more than you

  5. If you think Fall Out Boy is better than 30 Seconds to Mars, then you my friend, are retarded.

  6. I guest the 30 Seconds To Mars are ok and great singer.My friends Denise,Candace and I really like 30 Seconds To Mars a lot and other friend Alexandra has a crush on Jared Leto because she said that he had a dreaming blue eyes and had a angel face.30 Seconds To Mars are my favorite group.

  7. I think 30 seconds to mars is the best band ever!!!! Jaredleto is really talented he can act and sing i love all his songs and movies he is in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. So basically, this is bullshit. Everyone knows that 30STM is the most amazing band alive. Who else sounds like them? NOBODY
    Take your 30STM hate bullshit and shove it up your crevas 🙂

    And P.S. – Friggn FOB has nothing on 30STM
    Honestly, what the hell is wrong with your ears that you can tell such a lie?
    It’s not even a beautiful one either?
    Grow up neeg 🙂

  9. FallOutBoy really sucks compared to 30 Seconds to Mars, and you have to be mentally ill not to see that. Jared leto is mad talented. And if anyone had an upgrade it was Jared Leto not cameron Diaz.

  10. Ok, for one, Jared would be considered a multi-talented person, and yeah he’s hot, but, he’s also an arrogent jerk. And come on, he goes after girls the ages of 18-23. HE’S 35! Doesn’t anyone else find something wrong with that? He’s going to be 40 in almost 4 yrs. HELLO, WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!! 40 is not the new 20. Normal people who go after young girls like that are considered pedofiles. Sorry to disapoint, but it is a point well taken. Jared, if you ever read this, (obviously you read bloggers)don’t mean to be hasty, but seriously dude, if your going to date younger girls, try to pick sum1 who isn’t way too immature like Lindsey Lohan. Dating girls like her makes you look like your rocking the cradle. And Ashley or Mary Kate which ever one it was, hey the whole world seen them in daipers, how could you screw little Michelle?

  11. 30 SECONDS TO MARS will kill Falloutboy any fucking day of the week. I just caught them aT TASTE OF CHAOS march 1st and they fucking brought the house down. JARED is one cool MOTHERFUCKER so FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Jareds not a pedafile he’s a pimp it’s not his fault Lindsay and the Olsen twins are SLUTS! 30 Seconds to Mars is awesome. Who cares how old you are, it’s all about the music. KURT COBAIN would be in his 40’S if he were alive. As long as he rocked I wouldn’t give a fuck how old he was.

  13. m enknta 30 SECONDS TO MARS y mas JARED LETO!!…es hermoso!!….ARGENTINA ES LO MEJORRRR!!!…..bye

    JARED TE KIERooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!

    and seeing as ur so disgruntal for some reason (prolly being the sand in ur vagina) i have some advise:
    2.dont diss a person who 90% of the world likes
    or perhaps
    3.GET BENT!

    and also dont call him a cradle robber when the girls sure as hell agreed to date him! and who the hell wouldnt!? look at thoes eyes!! HE’S A GODDAMN STUD!!!
    let all us girls have our crush on him and just leave ppl alone with ur stupid hate!





  15. Hey people!!!
    I think 30 seconds to mars is a great band…
    I think they have their own style
    And It is a pretty cool style
    I also think that they shouldnt be compared to fall out boy, cause we all know fall out boy sucks!!!!
    Well Anyways…
    30STM rules!!!

  16. I’m absolutely in love with 30 seconds to mars and their music. I also think that Jared is So damn hot! what I wouldn’t do to have one night with that guy. People who say bad things about 30STM are just being looking for attention. It’s obvious this group has talent.

  17. I’m absolutely in love with 30 seconds to mars and their music. I also think that Jared is So damn hot! what I wouldn’t do to have one night with that guy. People who say bad things about 30STM are just looking for attention. It’s obvious this group has talent.

  18. there are only two things I have to say:

    1. 30 Seconds To Mars are THE best band the world coud’ve been blessed with
    2. F.O.B suck hairy cock!

  19. Damn! I don’t understand. 30 Seconds to Mars is great. They have hot people such as Jared Leto, Shannon Leto Tomo and they are a great band. TALENTED!

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