Gwynie Trys Her Darndest to Save Us from Next Coldplay Album

Gwyneth Paltrow accidentally knocked over the computer husband Chris Martin uses to write songs in their London home, reportedly “rendering it difficult to turn on.” Fortunately (?) the data on the computer was not damaged and no information was lost.

At least she’s dropping computers and not babies like Britney Spears.


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9 replies on “Gwynie Trys Her Darndest to Save Us from Next Coldplay Album”

  1. Thank goodness that no info was lost…I’m all giddy with excitement for the next Coldplay album…

    And true, at least its a comp instead of a baby. Damn Britney Spears…

  2. Oh – and genius?

    That’s ‘TRIES” – NOT “trys”.

    Learn English before you go badmouthing other people!

  3. Hello!! Me encanta Val Kilmer desde que vi la pelicula: BLIND HORIZON! después pasé a ver CAZADORES DE MENTE, y también me gustó muchisimooo! tan solo decir q es muy guapo! y es muy buen actor!

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