17 Replies to “More Than Words”

  1. Hey! I think by “accidentally” deleting my post you meant “enthusiastically”.

    Thirded and sixed

  2. umm fall out boy is like the best band ever!!! I love them soooo much! I listen to there music when i feel sad and wanna get in a good mood!! They are definently in my top 5! If you guys don’t like them, then yall don’t know good music when you hear it!

  3. omg!!!!!!!!! all you people are crazy! let me spell it for you c-r-a-z-y CRAZY!!!! Fall Out Boy is the best no matter what ANYONE says!

  4. OMG! i mostly listen to hip hop, rap and r&b, but as soon a i heard fall out boy i was in love… i love fall out boy… theyre awesome, and pete wentz is the best bass player in the world…

  5. Fall Out Boy is amazing…and to those of you who are one milisecond away from writing me off as a 13 yr old giggley girl, rewind and try once more. I’m 22 and LOVE Fall Out Boy! You may not like the music they put out but you have to agree that they put out a positive image to their fans…the bulk of which are of the younger variety I’ll admit, although question arises as to whether their “devotion” is to the music or Pete’s face…or any other part of him floating around on the net these days….but the point is they don’t encourage what will, according to social norms, be labeled “bad habits.” To each his own though I guess 😀

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