Super Furry Animals @ South Street Seaport

Tonight was the kick off of the River to River concert series–and there was a crazy insane rain storm, which prevented me from heading to the Super Furry Animals show on time. But they did in fact play 3 songs before covering up all their gear. Lead singer Gruff Rhys came out again and played 4 acoustic versions of songs in that little area between the stage and the crowd as his posse held up umbrellas over him.

The guy I lent my umbrella holding services exclaimed, “that was awesome. Totally worth driving 7 hours for.” Woah! That’s dedication.

I didn’t take any photos because of the aforementioned crazy rain, but I did manage to snap some pics of my buddies under the overpass.

ben super furry

Ben of Surefire, who are currently recording new songs in the studio.


Doug of The Go Station (who are NOT playing as “Druzzi’s Wyld Stalyns” on June 11th at Crash Mansion…that would be The Rapture).

Oh and then a homeless guy got mad I was taking photos of everyone BUT him so he made me take this photo:

crazy guy


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7 replies on “Super Furry Animals @ South Street Seaport”

  1. the stills show was pretty awesometacular, but i totes understand why you didn’t want to trek out there for it. i still can’t believe you went to sfa out in the rain….
    we have to take a picture when we see you on tuesday…we will explain in greater detail later.
    oh and amrit totally hit the nail on the head….

  2. i allegedly bumped into a homeless woman the other day on the subway with a bag(though i swear i never touched her).needless to say she cussed me out.she wasn’t was a first for times though!

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