Damnit I Missed Dance Month!

Here are some left-over misadventure pictures from last weekend.

You can imagine how delighted I was to see a MAY IS DANCE MONTH banner hanging over the street in Boston. Too bad I didn’t remember to post this picture until this month…maybe we can get some retroactive dancing in.

boston dance month

We also stopped in Vermont to get our gasoline on and when I was in the service station I perused all the junk food that I never eat (because I never go food shopping). Seriously guys, are we Americans so f-cking lazy that we now have to DRINK OUR JUNK FOOD? Why are snacks coming in cups now? So you can snack and drive? So you don’t actually have to move your fingers? What the HELL?

vermont drinkable snacks

In Montreal we ate lupper (lunch + supper = lupper) at a cafe and next to us was the most outspoken, outlandish, self-proclaimed Columbian Canadian “jewelery designer”. Not only did he have a baby pink phone (pictured), his friends were ragging on him for hitting on another woman IN FRONT OF HIS WIFE. He also kept using the word “bro” more than would ever be necessary. I think his name was Antonio or something like that. He was wearing mirrored wrap-around shades and faded jeans with rips up and down the inner thighs. The dude was so out of control that I took this picture of him so I could save it for when I have kids and pull it up and say “If you ever become this man, I will disown you.

montreal antonio

Walking down the streets of Montreal I saw many lovely shops and people (like that pair of girls wearing “beer goggles” that I SO wished I had a picture of), but sometime during that first day there I was walking behind these 14 year old boys (as per usual)

montreal boys

…no big deal, right?

montreal jams

…oh wait. Oh.. NO.. HE..DIDN’T!

montreal jimmy jams

…oh crap, YES HE DID!

That kid was wearing tie-dyed jam shorts WITH JIM MORRISON’S FACE ON THEM. I now totally understand why Vice magazine started in Canada.

montreal dirty car

We get it. You’re sportif. Now get yourself to a damn carwash.

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  1. pffffffffffft the guy who is a Columbian Canadian jewelery designer and the guy wearing tie-dyed jam shorts with Jim Morrison’s Face on them are BOTH super buff hotttttttties!

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