So today I went along for moral support and tried to go see James Blunt at the Cutting Room for the MySpace “Secret” Show. We didn’t end up getting in to see him by about 40 people, but we hung out in the bar area while he sang.

I’m totally indifferent to James Blunt and his woman voice, but I became a little bit horrified when I heard him start to do a cover version of “Where Is My Mind” by the Pixies. It’s just somehow inherently…wrong. Michael Bolton or David Gray cover? Fine. Pixies? Nope, sorry, not having it.

I ended up demanding that we leave right then and there. Listen to a version of him singing it on My Old Kentucky Blog. You will understand why I left so suddenly.

DOWNLOAD: “Where Is My Mind?” by James Blunt (Cover of The Pixes)

james blunt myspace

Think the guy in the baseball cap looks bummed now? You should have seen him crying when he didn’t get into the show. Ok, not really.

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  1. You’re not the only one: some Brittish radio station blocked him as well. About fucking time too.

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