What Happened, Norman Reedus?

Haha! After a weekend of describing the really hot guy from the Panic! at the Disco video “I Write Sins, Not Tragedies” to “Norman Reedus’s really hot younger brother” I swear I JUST saw Norman Reedus as I was walking home right now. He’s looking a bit chunkier than say…he did in the Boondock Saints, and walks with a weird swagger.

UPDATE: Hmm…It really might have been him…here are photos of him in NYC on Saturday, looking similar to the dude I saw.

BTW- does ANYONE know the name of the guy that plays the groom in the video? That boy is too good-looking NOT to have a name.

UPDATE: His name is Daniel Isaac and he’s also appeared in an episode of…MTV’s “Next”…uhh…He will now get 1000 MySpace friend requests from people like me. But don’t confuse him with the fake Daniel Isaac on MySpace.

panic at the disco video


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46 replies on “What Happened, Norman Reedus?”

  1. OMFG!
    Daniel Isaac is so Freakin’ hott!!!
    Even when he’s not wearing a suit and eyeliner he is still hawt!
    I just love him to bits.

  2. *dies*
    You saw Norman Reedus?
    I dont care if he’s a lil…fluffy…..hes still sexy!

    What do you mean you were talking to his “little brother”?

  3. Correction: Norman Reedus was the hottest man to ever be in a music video! He was in “Wicked as it seems”, a music video for Keith Richards. I think it was like 9-10 years ago.

  4. are you joking me. take it back . this chick in the hat has nothing on norman. norman is way cooler than this.somebody needs to take your computer away im on the floor

  5. what? I don’t believe this. where is the proof that they’re related?! I just don’t see it.

  6. este es el mejor grupo del
    mundo son lo max…..
    cantan super son super
    bkn es lo unico que
    salva del rock se
    visten bkn
    me encantan
    son super bonitos

    PANIC!AT THE DISCO ES LO +++++++++!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. i love his freakin eyes dude he is hot so is brendon
    and i love the video to to me brendon looks like my boyfriend but my boyfriend says he dont

  9. oo brendon is so hot..like daniel..
    I write songs not tragedies..is a great video..
    arriva mexico!!..
    mexico love panic at the disco..
    come again..

  10. jajajaja es i writte sins not tragedies….pero en fin……jajaja si arriba mexico….!! ehhh si vengan otra vez

  11. I don’t see you anywhere in the music video Ryan Ross but I can only see your head and your which I use to have. I think you’re really adorable and cute. I really love you Ryan I just want 2 kiss u all night

  12. Norman was in a car accident, had facial reconstructive surgery… I don’t blame him for gaining weight- not that he’s gained that much, I don’t think… Still freaking sexy is what he is- after lying in a hospital bed for awhile.

  13. wow he’s so hot there’s lyk three hotties in a row…ryan ross, brendon urie and daniel isaac, all we need now is pete wentz!!

  14. OMG Daniel Isaac Is Soooo Hot

    Roxx Mi Soxx Babeh xxxxxxxxxxx

    Pete Wentz Is Pretty Fine To But Daniels Bettah xxx

  15. norman is a friend of mine and he is far more than “hot” “sexy”..norman is a true artist..an incredable actor…he is multi talented as well…he has more within his soul than most of hollywood….he has humanity in his heart….

  16. OMG!!!!! I totally agree w/ who ever put that if we only had Pete Wentz in PATD they would be the HOTTEST group EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. They are not related. Both are hot but Norman is far more interesting and talented. A real artist. And he is so funny.

  18. I don’t know Norman but met him once and he left quite an impression ever since. All of his work that I’ve seen so far, definitely comes across as a true artist.

  19. oi meu nome é florenti e eu sou brasileira, pois é

    eu moro na bahia endereço: rua pastel, quadra 555 casa 01 e o bairro é onde o judas perdeu as botas

    eu amo o daniel isaac, ele é mto lindo


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