Allo Montréal!

This weekend I did what most Americans wish they had done, I headed for the home of Celine Dion, The Stills, and Priestess–yes, that’s right, I ran for the border and frolicked in the beautiful Canadian city of Montréal with my homies.

But one of the most frightening/amusing things that happened there was we were walking down the street and on the corner was this guy that looked SO much like Pete Doherty from the back–tall, lanky, wearing a gray hat, and brown hair. And then when he turned around, even his FACE looked like Pete’s (it also didn’t hurt that he looked totally confused).

So for about 3 seconds I had a heart attack and was like “holy CRAP is that Pete Doherty?” Then I realized that #1) I was in Montréal and that it would make NO SENSE for Pete Doherty to be in Canada and #2) this guy didn’t look like a junkie. But for those 3 seconds I almost lost my lunch. Phew.

Here are the photos I took to commemorate the non-Pete sighting. The best part about these photos is the old man in the hot pants and pulled up athletic socks in the foreground of the second photo:

montreal pete doherty

montreal pete doherty

I also discovered my new absolute favorite clothing line: Space FB by designer François Beauregard. Think APC looks for Banana Republic prices. Lots of clean lines, beautiful colors, and cuter than cute dresses. I loved their creamsicle colored 3/4 sleeve hoodies, but unfortunately I’m not 6’1″ with a super long waist. Also sad, I asked the sales girl and she told me the line is only sold in Canada right now. Apparently it’s a very hip brand worn by a lot of trendy kids at McGill University.

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  1. I just recently visited Montreal and totally fell in love with it! What a great city!

  2. that is quite uncany isn’t it………..?
    its like a Pete clone………..
    MAYBE this is the real Pete and he resided to Montreal immedaietly after the demise of theLibertines and that the Pete back in London is some evil clone……

    actually why am i saying nice things for him?

    as for the hot pant guy – i was eating my lunch when I saw that – ewww

  3. Thanks for the ‘é’ in Montréal 🙂

    it should have been ‘Allô’ too but you’ve done good enough 😀

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