Surprisingly Emo, Even When I Don’t Mean to Be

Ok, it’s official. I really need to buy a point-and-shoot camera that I will carry around with me every single day because taking photos on my cameraphone is getting sad. So sad. Almost as sad as the fact that I went to go see Say Anything at the SPIN offices tonight. I went half went to take a copy of the issue with The Raconteurs on the cover, and the other half of me went for the free alcohol.

But the saddest thing of all was in the midst of all the “heys” and “woahs” that permeated through almost every single Say Anything song I kinda fell in love with the guy on the right’s t-shirt, which was a black tee with a skeleton on it. I have no idea what that dude’s name was since whenever anybody writes about the band all they talk about is the singer/writer, Max Bemis. UPDATE: His name is Jeff Turner. (No relation to Alex.)

say anything at spinhouse live

I was so enamoured with his shirt that stopped him on the street (I saw him walking with his gear in front of me as I was going to the subway) and told him how much I liked it. He said that he got his super-comfortable tshirt in a thrift store and was all excited that it was an original tshirt from the 70s, but then got all bummed because clothing companies are re-creating that tshirt and selling them again. I sympathized, saying “Oh yeah, and now they’re selling them at Delia*s or something…”–which may or may not have made him cry inside, and that’s how I left it since he was right by his van.

Anyhoo, Say Anything have wear-their-heart-on-their-sleeve lyrics, and a lot of the aforementioned “woahs” and “heys”. Many lines will produce chuckles from y’all like this one from “Woe”: “She said ‘I can’t get laid in this town without these pointy fucking shoes. My feet are so black and blue and so are you.'” Some of you may think that kind of lyricism is endearing and clever, others will think it’s highly annoying and stupid. I just think you should all be thankful that at least it’s written in English, unlike Fall Out Boy‘s songs.

Want more? Here’s a video of them performing “Alive with the Glory of Love” live. Also here’s an MP3 of “Wow, I Can Get Sexual Too” which is a reaction to what happens when you’re on the phone with someone and they start touching their naughty bits. (I think we all know how uncomfortable that gets.) I gotta say, I do love the Jewish guilt reference.

PS- the guy in the olive tshirt (above)/ black blazer and jeans (below) totally looks like the younger brother of Evan and Jaron.

say anything promo shot

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  1. so it turns out they weren’t evan and jaron after all! not that i, uh, know who evan and jaron are.

  2. Only pretty sure? Guess that speaks for itself.
    (Why post anonymous and then sign your name?)

  3. It’s amazing to me that anyone could think his lyrics are annoying and stupid if they knew waht a metaphor was maybe they would get it. Yes I “admit it” not the average person gets his lyrics listening to them the first time. but it all comes in time. I warn you though if you listen to him to m uch you WILL LOVE HIM “THEM”

  4. Max Bemis is the singer songwriter for the band, BUT….

    There is an actual Say Anything “BAND” with real existing members not just “hired hands”.

    In the promo picture left to right:
    Jeff Turner – Rhythm Guitar/BGV
    Max Bemis – Vocals
    Jake Turner – Lead Guitar/BGV
    Alex Kent – Bass
    Coby Linder – Drums
    Parker Case – Guitar/Keys/BGV


    Max Bemis couldn’t play the live shows without his band. YES…….. his real life band, NOT just the other dudes that are kinda hired hands.

  5. Oooh I see, You mean like one of those shirts with a rib cage on it and like a spine… you can actually make those out of bleach on a black t-shirt…

  6. Hey is that Parker Case guy from JamisonParker? It looks alot like him….I heard they broke up though which is sad.

  7. Jake and Jeff Turner are from Peachtree City, GA. They used to play in a band called Parkside View ( which split up into two bands when Jake and Jeff joined Say Anything, the other band being Punch Drunk ( out of Atlanta, GA.

  8. wow thats funny that someone is passionate about fall out boy…

    if you do like fall out boy then stop listening to say anything, you clearly don’t know what good music is

  9. Jeff Turner And Jake Turner Are SOOOO Hot!

    i went to their show at revolution hall in november and it was one of the best concerts i have ever been to!

    i got to meet Alex Kent and his wife and i also got to meet the members of the band envy on the coast who they were playing with it was the most fun ive had at a concert since DMB at SPAC and the music was amazing!

  10. Jake and Jeff are twins… I am glad many of you recognize they are talented too! They are now 23.

  11. XO is really amazing. Not like Say Anything if anybody was wondering.

    also Max Bemis said that Say Anything was a band for everyone. so even those retarted people who like Fall Out Boy to the die hard emo haters can like Say Anything.
    I wouldn’t judge a band by their fans but by their music.

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