Harold Dieterle Wins Top Chef, but Has a Losing MySpace Profile

Yessss! I was so devistated when Dave was eliminated last week and Tiffani remained in the final, so you can imagine how happy I am that resident Top Chef hottie Harold Dieterle has won the title of “Top Chef”.

As much as I loved Harold on the show, his MySpace profile leaves me a bit…disturbed. Under his favorite music he lists the Beastie Boys, which is awesome, but then he continues on by saying “anything really……just keep the country away from me…”

ARUGH! I hate when people say stuff like that. Seriously, what’s wrong with country music? Fight it out with Jack White and Loretta Lynn.

It is what it is…I guess.

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80 replies on “Harold Dieterle Wins Top Chef, but Has a Losing MySpace Profile”

  1. You’re right. It’s so completely idiotic when people say that they listen to “anything but country”, since:

    1. Country music isn’t always terrible and,
    2. “Anything”? Really? So you like Phil Collins, Yanni, and Scandinavian Death Metal Bands?

    Ugh. People.

  2. Tiffani got such a bad deal – I must be one of the few who has actually worked in a kitchen and know how hard it is to be a woman in a male dominated field. And her crew was completely drunk/hung over and didn’t give her any help at all for her final task – that was so nasty of Dave and Stephen. I though her menu was much more interesting and what you might find at one of the top restaurants in this country. I knew they would choose Harold, who I do like, but I think Tiffani outdid him in the final with very little help.

  3. i hate when people say that about country. when they say country, i think they mean mainstream “nashville” country. because it’s impossible not to like hank williams, johnny cash etc unless youre biased.

  4. Harold is a HOTTIE! I can hardly wait to try his new restaurant in NYC, and are so happy that he beat Tifffani’s round red rump! She is one nasty witch. It would have been nice to see Dave and Harold work together — maybe now that Dave’s restaurant closed, Harold would consider hiring him at HIS new place?! Does anyone know what the name of the new place will be???

  5. It wasn’t very respectful or professional for D&S to get ripped and come in hung over, but still Tif didn’t get such a raw deal. Dave might have been hung over but he BROUGHT IT. Geez, the women were just about having a screaming O over his desserts. If any thing I wonder about Stephen. They made a comment about perverse wine parings. I wonder if S did a little sabotage or if Tiff had her menu already planned and S did the best pairings he could with what he had. The other team seemed to approach it from the other direction – this is the wine, what food would go well (since there were more possibilities with food than with wine that just seems smart)

  6. I am so glad Tiffani got her come-uppance. That self-satisfied little smirk she had on her face whenever the judges had something negative to say about Dave or Harold just made me want to reach throught the TV and SMACK her. And then the nerve of her, trying to take the credit for the dessert when Dave had already let the judges know they were his from start to finish. Augh! What a piece of work. Also, Harold is entitled to his opinion of country. I never used to like country, until the so-called “new country” or “young country” started coming out. It just all sounds the same anymore, like a pop song with a steel guitar and a southern accent thrown in just to make sure you know what genre it’s supposed to be. Give me a break.

  7. Tiffani is and was a B—–. Having worked in the “male dominated” culinary world myself, I understand the importance of dimplomacy and keeping my ego in check. Being teachable and humble–as Harold so beautifully demonstrated–is an important part of making your team want to work for you! Tiffani got EXACTLY what she deserved……especially for trying to make Dave’s dessert her own! And yes, Country sucks, EXCEPT for the Dixie Chics, you redneck!

  8. Sorry, I just read back what I wrote about country music and realized it could be taken to mean that I like the “New Country” I like the old school country more and more because of the blandness of the “New Country”. Nothing wrong with a bit of Death Metal either. Yanni has always sucked ass.

  9. Congratualtions Harold. Well desreved. I just wish it would have been Harold and LeeAnn in the final 2.
    I totally agree about the country. No country, no hip-hop. Ugh.
    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

  10. For Tiffany to say that she could feel Harold’s knife in her back was ridiculous and unfair. Harold had nothing to do with what the others expressed or felt and said nothing to that would cause anybody watching to think that he had stabbed her in the back. He was a class act the whole time and never had to resort to belittling or dissing anyone. His talent and integrity spoke for itself. For Tiffany to take credit for Dave’s dessert was duplicitous and dishonest and I’m glad it came out. (Watch the finale show, Tiffany and then start back peddling!!) . Like so many others, I think she got what she deserved. And I, too, wish it had been LeAnne and Harold going head to head in the finale. What’s the name of Harold’s new restaurant in NYC? Anybody know?

  11. I really want to know the name of Harolds new restaurant. Anyone have any idea yet? Harold was amazing.

  12. Personally, I took Tif’s comment about “my back just ran into your knife” to mean “I feel like I’ve been stabbed in the back [by the other four saying Harold should win] and yet it is all my own damn fault” Or for you fans of the Bard, “Hoist on my own petard” BTW some country sucks and some rocks. Just like any musical genre. Except I’ve never heard a Baroque piece I didn’t like. Hmmm, the exception that proves the rule? Oh, rambling. Shutting up now.

  13. I hate country too, can’t stand it, ANY OF IT. And that certainly includes Johnny Cash and Hank Williams. I would much rather listen to Phil Collins or Yanni than any country music, so Harold was right on the money with that comment.


    FIONA K from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

  15. As for Dave–You’re a Fantastic Chef.
    Do your best to keep the emotions and nerves in check under pressure and everything will just flow, trust me.
    Tiffani–You’re a good chef, however, learn more about teamwork, kindness and humility–without those elements or should I say “ingredients”, you’ll go No Where.

  16. country SUX, hip-hop SPEAKS, and everything in between is WEAK! (like this rhyme)

  17. A truffle is a mushroom…..very rare and expensive…..usually found in France and rooted (by specially trained sniffer dogs and pigs)……how appetizing….

  18. hahaha i understand people having their own opinions but it’s the ones who pretend they don’t like country and then “walk the line” comes out and all of a sudden they’re huge Johnny Cash fans.

    I try to stay open minded to most music b/c last thing I want to do is get caught with my foot in my mouth.

    Harold, however, is a hottie. He can like or hate any music that he wants and I’d still want a piece of that pie. Yummy!

    I was secretly hoping he would lose very early on so I could seek him out and use my womanly wiles on him but alas now he’s too darn popular. Damn you Harold!

  19. Harold’s new restaurant will be named Perilla after the herb used in a lot of Asian cuisine. He hopes to open in late fall, but a early next year grand opening is more likely. It’ll be in Manhattan and he intends to ask a few of his cast-mates if they’d like to join his staff. Let’s all wish Harold good luck !! I know he’ll succeed.

  20. All I can say is that I’m VERY, VERY, PROUD of my big brother Harold. That’s right I’m his baby sister…… He did an incredible job and has always been a hard worker. He deserves nothing but the best in his career and health…

    Ladies he’s single… Let me know I can put in a good work for you.

  21. I am so glad Harold won Top Chef, a great cook clearly, and such a true gentleman; true humility and grace shown always. Harold could be the perfect man! Thankfully of course Harold is not a saint, he likes to party hardy I gather; may he truly enjoy his well earned victory. I look forward to your new place opening, along with many others; congrats, Harold. Best that life has to offer.

  22. Harold was the deserving winner; however, Dave should have been in the last leg of the challenge: Elegant VS Rustic. Tif rubbed me the wrong way and her food never really shined. Did she win ANY of the challenges??? Good luck in your career, Harold.

  23. harold was awesome but dave shoulda been in the top 2 also…it sucked that they disqualified him for forgetting a dish…if i order room service & they forget a dish…do i honestly care if the rest is the best i’ve ever eaten???—absolutely not…but bring me 3 dishes of mediocrity…& u can take it back…
    cant wait for him to open….

  24. btw….i couldnt even stand to look at tiffani’s smug face…sooooo glad that she lost. & quite amused that it took her so by surprise.
    she deserved to be humiliated after the way she treated everyone.

  25. hey!
    I’ve watched my first reality TV show todaya 38 years! WOW> And itr happened to be “Top Chef” As European chef, I have cattered in the greatest venues abeoad,and yes… for a very famous Prince, once. I found the show somewhat funny. The general level of competition was low (to my judgment). I have missed the “cooking” part, those moments when the Chef talks/communicates with ingredients, the process of creativity. I guess tV can’t really bring all these to the screen. Those who have been in the Kitchen know, what I mean.
    Nevertheless, I have to congratulate the Winner, who to me was the closest to what we consider overseas as a good chef: solid, creative, with this “psycho-episodes”. Good guy with a lot of room to improve. Once your restaurant is open, i’ll try it and rate it…
    Congratulations from a Senior chef!

  26. Hank williams is great. Johnny Cash is fantastic. There are several other decent country singers. Most blow yes. But I cant think of anyone who doesnt like Hank or Cash.

  27. I love country music. Keith Urban “My Bluejeans”
    Just saw Harold as one of the judges on Season 2.
    Harold really knows his stuff. He gave those newbies
    a good talkin to.
    What is Tiffini doing? Where is Dave now?

  28. Harold was the clear winner throughout. Which is why, Jennifer, if he’s still single, I’m interested. I have respected and admired his character throughtout the past season (but I’d really like to just get to know him without the cameras).

  29. Why does it matter what people listen too? Does it really matter what someone’s prefrence is to . . . anything?? I like Harold and he so deserved the Top Chef. Tiffany – she was okay but you reap what you sow.

    I would have loved to see Dave and Harold go up against eachother!! 😀

  30. I can guess why he’s still single: he’s incredibly rude. I sent him a brief email on myspace to express admiration for his skill and inquire about the opening of his restaurant and he not only unceremoniously deleted my request to add him to my friends list, but wrote back a dismissive and rude reply to my email. Yuck. I hope he stays in the back of the house IF he ever does open a restaurant, because he is sorely lacking in congeniality.

  31. I think that Harold’s probably been overwhelmed with friend requests and emails. He probably just wants to keep his myspace profile strictly for friends. As for the email perhaps he is under a lot of pressure to get it started.

  32. No sè si sea el mejor chef, pero està guapisimo! y me diò mucho gusto saber que ganò èl, aqui en mexico aun la temporada no termina y no sabia quien ganaba, pero que gusto saber que harold se llevò el primer lugar!!!

  33. OMG, I’m glad to know that harold was the winner of top chef. here in brazil the show is still in the middle and I was dying to know who was the, err, top chef.

  34. couldnt agree more with him
    Country music for the most part, is
    Female singers saying how great they want treating and what a**holes guys are
    and guys singing about women, cars and beer
    its awful!
    Ive dj’d in 4 coutnries, I now DJ in southern US, most of the people that want country, like the songs that sound the same
    I say, Im with ya Harold
    Country music sucks

  35. hmm, a comment saying the guys didnt give tiffani any help for the final task?
    youre wrong
    the desert she CLAIMED to make, was the best of her 5 dishes..made by……….Dave!

  36. everybody, Dave Martin (i’m not your b …. b…..) is opening a restaurant in NYC (LOLA) february 2007..
    cant wait to taste harold’s and dave’s food

  37. Hey, come on now, we are free to like what we want to like…lol…I think he is hot to death anyways.

  38. Thank you TIVO for the suggestion of Top Chef. I was watching the second season reguarly, when I was lucky to get all the first season recorded automatically! Hurray! I just watched Harold win the whole thing – awesome and well deserved.

  39. Leave him alone! I don’t have anything against country music but if he don’t like that kind of music it’s his problem…and you’re doning the same things when TR talk about death metal bands!

  40. Hm. dave isnt opening cafe Lola, its already there, hes just working there. I read somewhere Exec Chef but I dont know for sure, just that he works there.

  41. Tiffani made 9 dishes, and she clearly wanted to win. So the dessert was Dave’s recipe, and if you’re a chef in a kitchen and your staff made the dishes but when a customer asked who’s the chef, it has to be the chef, not the staff no matter whose recipe it is. And why the hell did Dave has to come forward with the dessert when it’s obviously the final between Harold and Tiffani. That being said, Dave is a total **shole, and Tiffani was treated like,well, a hated contestant in a reality show. And to think that she was stucked with Dave and Stephen. Just imagine if she had the help that Harold had.

  42. get over it. it’s an opinion. would you hate him because he didn’t like your favorite TV show? or because he doesn’t like his hair long? it’s just an opinon. … a difference of opinion. no one is going to agree with you 100% of the time.

  43. well you’ve got to admit he made a good work on to chef…Didn’t he win? well I think he’s a nice guy and a great future is coming for him… God blees you all

  44. I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo HAPPY that Harold won. He is FINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. tiffinay really get on my nerves. i’m really glad that Harold won top chef and i am glad dave didn’t win either because i don’t like dave. when dave started crying i found it funny but i think tiffinay is a snake i am really glad that miagul was speaking the truth. dave went to my high school and i really hated him and tiffinay went to uni with me and she can’t stp complaining it was unbelievebly then i saw harold when i was going to buy some hicubma

  46. I like tiffinay from top chef because she is so rude i like it sometime because tiffinay say rude thing to just harold it so sad to harold


  48. umm whats wrong with phil collins? and maybe he really does like almost anything besides country.stop tryin to sound all music snobbish.dork.

  49. People write “Anything but Country” because it’s white-trash hillbilly music!
    Harold is great and I too like everything buy Country. I’d rather listen to nails on a chalkboard.

    Harold is clearly the best chef.

  50. Just returned from a “ladies night out” with Harold’s mom’s co-workers. Harold’s mom was able to secure us 3 table reservations. Thank you! We embarrassed ourselves with requests for pictures, autographs, etc. No worries…John the (hot) general manager graciously handled our requests…and Harold came to the table to grant us our mid-life fantasies…lol…and he never even knew what a thrill he gave us! The wait staff was wonderful…OK – you want to know how the food was too—wow—awesome meal from start to finish—we will definitely be back for more!

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