For Chris Martin and Nelly Furtado: “All Good Things” Must Come to an End

Whoops! It appears that we’ll never hear “All Good Things”, the much-talked-about duet between Coldplay’s Chris Martin and pop songbird Nelly Furtado, which was slated to appear on her new album being released this summer.

According to Cinema Blend, the song has been removed from the album at the request of EMI. Link from Jerry.

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20 replies on “For Chris Martin and Nelly Furtado: “All Good Things” Must Come to an End”

  1. fuck fuck fuck!! i wanna hear that song, and only because chris martin sing the cores of it, i´ll never buy one on nelly´s albums

  2. That song IS in fact on the album, however, it’s missing an important part…. Chris Martin.

  3. it’s on the album, yes, but it does not contain a single second of chris martin’s voice on it.

    those who don’t believe me – the album is out on bittorrent… check it out for yourself.

  4. If you go to, there are two albums, the regular release which has “All good things (come to end end)” edited version. There is a bonus edition of the CD–which costs about 40.00 but has the chris martin in the song.

  5. i have found the song and it is currently on the internet and the song sounds perfect and way better than the version with out him . who ever took his voice off is an idiot

  6. Chris Martin’s voice does actually appear on the finalised version of ‘Loose’, but it’s just like background harmonies etc.

  7. 15th commentor is right… You can actually hear him clearly during that aaaah but in the beginning and the aaaahs in the chorus and the bridge bit after the second chorus…

    Ah, but with or without him, the song is great anyway!

  8. I think nelly furtado and chris martin make a great duet together!
    after all nelly furtado was more on this style of music before lately !

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