The Cinematics and Dirty Pretty Things Play MyFestival

In a total UK/Ireland-based musical explosion, MySpace Europe (yeah, did you know there were international divisions?) announced today that they will present the MyFestival music fest in various locations this June.

According to the press release, “MyFestival is not just for fans who already love these bands but an opportunity for people to discover an incredible group of up-and-comers who use Myspace from all over the UK and Ireland, said Jamie Kantrowitz, Senior Vice President Marketing and Content at MySpace Europe.” Not to mention garner thousands more signups for MySpace.

Some of the most awesome acts playing are my favorite newish Scottish band who should be the “Next Big Thing”, The Cinematics, in Glasgow, and Dirty Pretty Things take the stage in Sheffield. The DPT show is already sold out, but you can still buy tickets to The Cinematics for 6 GBP. One of the supporting bands is Popup, which sound like if Spud from Trainspotting decided to join a super-poppy band.

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