Friday Night @ East Houston and Essex: The Crossroads of Hipsterdom?

I went to Loaded at Element on Friday night to see my friends Melody Nelson, The Husky Gentleman, Ciao Bella, and Michael Stellastarr* DJ.

Like many people, this was the first time I’d ever been too Element–also known as “the place I always ignore when standing outside the Mercury Lounge”, so you might have been just as surprised as I was with the level of security at the venue. I witnessed the door security staff force people to check their coats (3 dollars), and then watched with confusion as the checkpoint dude spent about 2 minutes going through all 3 items I had in my bag. My friend Ginny told me that the guy actually stuck his finger in her mint box, prodding around until she said, “Um, I have to put those in my MOUTH!”

With a door policy like that, you can imagine what it was like inside: a multi-level club with a weird, sorta eurotrashy feel…and a smoke machine. Yes, a functioning smoke machine which caused me to wonder if I’d been transported to one of the mitzvahs I attended in the ’90s.

The music and the majority of the people were great of course, but someone needs to “accidentally” break the smoke machine ASAP.

According to the Element website, it’s at the “crossroads of the East Village and the Lower East Side” which I guess is technically true, but I found on Friday that the combo of the Loaded party plus Land of Talk playing at Mercury resulted in the Crossroads of Hipsterdom. I think I managed to see everyone I know in a 10 minute time period, just standing in-between both venues.

My friend Ari and I also managed to witness some guy being dragged out of Mercury by his two friends. He was on SOMETHING because I don’t even think he was concious, judging by the way that he was completely unable to stand up and the fact that his head was hanging low and heavy. His buddies were trying to sober him up, but after like 20 minutes of pouring water into his mouth, I don’t think they were really being all that successful. I hope that guy ended up getting some professional medical attention, because that sure did look rough.

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