Experts at the Crowd Invasion: Art Brut

So after The Raconteurs finished up their set at Tower Records on Thursday, I actually ended up heading over to the Art Brut show at Knitting Factory…again, because Miss K had an extra ticket.

We got there just in time to see the last couple songs by Art Brut 47, including their final song, “Great Escape”, during which Eddie and Jasper from Art Brut, and Paula from The Chalets came onstage to do some rump-shaking. If you look carefully at the photo below, you’ll notice “47” taped onto the Art Brut backdrop. Cute!

art brut 47

Now the Thursday night show was the first ever Art Brut show I’d been to, so I had NO idea that this night was going to be the same exact show. And I’m not just saying that…anyone who’s seen Art Brut more than once will tell you that the show is HIGHLY scripted–even down to the between-song banter. It doesn’t make the show any less fun, but it becomes more like a Mystery Science Theater experiment, where I end up trying to make funny comments to the person next to me the entire show, and I tell them what’s coming next.

Anyway, the upside was I knew exactly when Eddie would jump into the crowd during “Bang Bang Rock and Roll” and I managed to get some pretty hilarious shots of him crowd surfing. But my favorite photo is the one where Eddie had run to the side door and into the middle of the crowd. About half the people in the front near the stage didn’t realize that Eddie had jumped into the crowd again, so little did they realized the guy totally spazing out behind them was actually the lead singer of Art Brut.

Also somewhere in the middle of getting stupid retarded Eddie managed to lose his belt, so when he got pulled up onto the stage, he ended up giving us a half-moon has his pants started falling down. Brilliant!

Still all in all Art Brut is a phenomenal live band and is kinda like watching your favorite musical–even though you know what’s coming you can’t but help love indulging in it.

art brut

art brut

art brut

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  1. haha i did the same thing! in the first stagedive pic, can you spot the girl with the neon wristband?

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