A “Promiscuous” Timbaland-Furtado-Timberlake Sandwich

I love what I’ve heard of Nelly Furtados new album. The tracks are totally hot, and you can check out the videos for two of the most smoking songs off the LP, “Promiscuous ” and “Maneater”. For some reason Justin Timberlake shows up at the end of the video for “Promiscuous”, making for a Timbaland-Furtado-Timberlake sandwich.

And btw, Nelly look so ridiculously beautiful in both videos. Her body is ROCKING. I can’t believe she’s had a baby!

promiscuous timberlake

promiscuous timbaland furtado timberlake

WATCH: “Promiscuous” by Nelly Furtado featuring Timbaland

WATCH: “Maneater” by Nelly Furtado

nelly furtado promiscuous

38 Replies to “A “Promiscuous” Timbaland-Furtado-Timberlake Sandwich”

  1. you know i don’t know much about nelly furtado but i am completely horrified by how she’l looking and the songs she’s “singing” these days. i only remember her singing that bird song and being cute and sweet and happy and now she’s all ghetto’d out and can’t keep her hands out of her hair. very sad. (caught her on snl)

  2. ^ “ghetto’d out” wow…

    I’m liking the few tracks that i’ve heard from Nelly’s new album so far. I think it’s great how she’s changed to more dance-y music this time around. Personally I thought her last album was a little dark/depressing. And she does look amazing after having a kid.

  3. I saw her on snl as well. She was very HOT, but that was about it. Her voice sounded awful and the songs themselves were terrible. She was touching her hair so much it was annoying. Let’s not forget she looked hot. I guess being hot is all she needs to do.

  4. I love(d) Nelly Furtado, both her albums were really nice – though on the second album there is a track which in fact makes her sound like the Crazy Frog – so much so that Iam sure she is liable to sue the green bugger……. maybe shes kept it tight lipped in case other people noticed…….

    Though Hot she looks, shallow I know….. and her new ghetto sound I shall give a try……. !

  5. Songs like this are confusing. If I met Nelly on the street and asked her what kind of image is she selling to young kids espically girls I wonder what her response would be? How do women want to be treated when there are songs like this?However promiscuous does have to meaings; indiscrimate and having sexual relations with many , so I wonder which one is it?

  6. Ref …”For some reason Justin Timberlake shows up at the end of the video for “Promiscuous”, making for a Timbaland-Furtado-Timberlake sandwich.”…

    From what I understand the pair [ Furtado and Timberlake]collaborated on a song for Timberlake’s up coming album….and of course they have both benefitted from Timbaland’s production talents. So I’m guessing he turned up in the video as a favour to a a couple of mates.

  7. Well i like nelly furtado too much and i think that she changed her style with this songs but anyway i still love her songs and … she had to chage a little like everything..

  8. yea, i just watched her on So You Think You Can Dance, and she i love the song and she does have a nice new look. The onlt thing is she does touch her hair too much and it annoyed me a little, too. Other than that, it was great.

  9. She’s back on SNL for a repeat of her recent show. She has skanked up her act thinking that she could be just like Gwen Stefani if she stuck her fat butt out while wearing pumps. UGH! And, what’s the deal with her touching her hair. I TIVO’d back and counted and she touched her hair 48 times during her first song on SNL. She looks so uncomfortable and her face make her look pissed off……probably because she is seeing her career sink right before her eyes. Stick to duets with Michael Buble and perhaps your dignity will return.

  10. Just like everyone else, Nelly is not in this business for socially responsible reasons. Sex sells and will continue to sell as long as people keep their eyes on it. How many of you would enjoy that video if Nelly looked like Ellen DeGeneres? Nothing against Ellen, but she’s not hot.

    I can hear it now, many of you will say that Nelly is not responsible for teen promiscuous behavior in America. But what’s more important to her? Sending positive messages to our youth? Or making money regardless of what this video promotes?

  11. i like the music of the nelly furtadoo its tha beeesst!! =D i like when JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE dancing very nicee!! i love him!!..

  12. well first off i just want to say half the ppl leaving these retarded comments have no idea what ghetto is secondly i’ve listened to her album nd its not ghetto at all it has more of a r&b flow to it but def. not ghetto and lastly her change isnt that drastic as many ppl have claimed she was featured in the missy elliot remix of “get ur freak on” when she also released her first album so can say that shes always leaned towards the hip/hop nd r&d genre so id advise all the idiots who call her new album ghetto to please keep their mouths shut because quite frankly you just sound like morons

  13. I really like Nellys songs and Timbaland also Justin Tmberlake. My fav. song is Give it to me!!! I love it

  14. i just stumbled across this blog and had to have a read of it,alot of very interesting comments regarding nelly fertardo,if i had that much hair i would probably play with it all the time im a bloke and bald as a coot lol…but regarding nelly i like the new style of music she is doing its better than her teeny bop start to her carrer..i wouldnt buy it but it is good to listen to..and i dont know why so many people are calling her she aint done know harm to anyone..good luck to the girl i say…anyway said all i wanted to happy reading people..bye

  15. HIYA!! I am a very huge fan of Nelly furtardo! she’s a cool women and an inspiration to all of us women lol!
    she’s pretty and natural looking and thats the quality of her! PLus she’s a brilliant singer live! i love her when she’s live its just her isn’t it lol! well keep it all up Nelly Furtardo and as they all say you go girl friend wow!


  16. hi me name is traceyand i like all your songs and justine as well i have all the cds and lost of justines but nelly you are very good song with out him on some time but all three of you are good to keep up the good work that you are doing bye 4 now

  17. i think nelly is cool and yummy , she looks so great and her songs r so different i think she rocks

  18. oh my god you are saying so much mean things about Nelly Furtado i think im going to barf and u act totally like mean ppl imagine if she did not have enough money to survive she would be depressed.

    p.s:the ppl who did not say mean things about her you are extemely nice

  19. nelly is great her new album is soo gud i think it is way better thn her old stuff and i think she is soo bonny ! im propa jelous haha… i hope she keeps up the gud work !! am a huuuuuge fan of nelly and timbaland and dnt 4got timberlake!

  20. I love justin, i love timbaland, I love nelly furtado!
    and I love their songs!!!!!!!!!!

  21. In the past I didn’t like Nelly Furtado.She was not interestin’ maybe…For me she was dull…But now,when she has changed her style,all that I can say that she’s BRILLIANT!!!Now her r’n’b style ‘s mush better!and her songs with Timbaland & Timberlake are cool:)))Nelly Furtado’ s really cool,’cause she has corrected her style in a proper way:)

  22. Eh. I guess they’re all just becoming friends since “Give It To Me” was produced. I cant say that much because I havn’t really done research on Nelly, but I have heard her previouse songs. I’ll just say this. Watch “All Good Things” and then watch “Promiscuos” and compare them. I like both, but just see how different they are.

  23. Shit, I don’t agree with the negative comments but the positive ones sound as if an illiterate groupie wrote it. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, but can u grind to “I’m Like A Bird”? That’s what i thought. She’s just added a more spicy and.. loose feel to her new musical persona. It’s great how a woman can feel comfortable and look so good with her body, after having a baby. Some of you pick at her smallest habits.. and some of you have the time to count how many times she’s touched her hair. Meh, it just sounds pathetic to me.

  24. well i dont know about in america but nelly, timbaland and justins songs together have hit our charts with a bang, they are the best out and i love nelly’s new style she looks fab and is doing great so i dont think her career is going down the sink. i think its just a matter of jealousy because she can do it and she does it with the style!!!!!!!!!!

    give it to me is my fav just now and has been since it was first published

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