Damn You Ticketweb! My Mom Is Going to Be So Sad

Ok so from 12-12:10 I tried to get a pair of tickets to Keane‘s show at the Bowery for my mom. I put in my info about 50 times but it kept sending me back to put it in again…until it told me that there weren’t any more left. The tickets are still sitting lonely in my shopping cart. My mom is gonna be so bummed. She loves Keane 🙁

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  1. Looks like ebay/craigslist is your only option. By the way, how do you afford to go to so many freaking shows?

  2. Bowery! really?? I saw them at radiocity last spring. And it was sold out. Did they really lose out on THAT many people, or did they wanna do a club tour? Thats shocking. Every other british band is at least playing webster hall. Interesting.

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