Art Brut 47: Top of the Pops

Ok, I’m so freaking tired. Art Brut just got out at 1:30am from Knitting Factory.

Here’s a note: If you’re going to stage dive, please don’t stage dive on top of me–unlike the guy at the Art Brut show tonight. I’m little and you could crush me.

Some quick notes: The Chalets are AWESOME. Robocop Kraus reminded me why there are NOT that many German indie rock bands. Art Brut 47 (aka We Are Scientists) rocked and have the cutest band members this side of The Strokes. And Art Brut produced the most uncontrolable concert-goers ever and totally impressed me with their commanding stage show.

The theme of the show was “sex”, with The Chalets dedicating a song to Chevy Chase (who is “so not gay. Sooooo not gay”), Art Brut 47 insisting that one song was about having sex with The Chalets, and another one was about “doing it slow” to Art Brut.

Art Brut also found themselves singing about sex with the Chalets and also singer Eddie Argos “fessing up” about the namesake of the song Emily Kane, telling the crowd that Emily actually contacted him and that he now thinks that if a relationship doesn’t work out, it doesn’t work out for a reason. Then he dedicated the song to happiness to all of our exes and happiness with other people. Then during the encore, Eddie told the crowd that it was ok to “act like a slut” during “Good Weekend.” Yesssss.
robocop kraus

art brut 47

art brut

This picture would have been more awesome if I had the proper settings on my camera. Whoops!

art brut

art brut

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  1. ..was the irritating mohawk dude there pushing and punching people in a bid to ruin the show for everyone around him?

  2. i just jumped i dint want to block art brut for too long sorry. i dint mean to hurt you

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