Raconteurs at Tower Records: The Line

Hi everyone… were you braving the rain and waiting on line today to get a wristband (and commemorative laminate) to the Raconteurs in-store at Tower Records on Thursday? Will you be at the show? One of the first people on the line had a baby in a snuggly and two young children. Around 9:30 I saw the line was about midway down the block…

But what’s up with them putting the wristbands on each and every wrist? People are reporting that they feel as though they’ve been forced to be Julian Casablancas for 48 hours and/or they just got out of the hospital.

raconteurs wristband

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  1. I got there around 8:30 and got he wristband around 9:30 not too bad. Let’s hope they play more than just afew songs.

  2. They are still available. Just got mine…………..guess they aren’t gaining that much attention.

  3. maybe if you quit wasting your time indulging your need to feel superior you could actually create something worthwhile yourself, “gooogg”.

  4. i woke up at 5am to wait in line and said f’ it. got there at 10:45 and they had a good amount left! i couldn’t believe it!

  5. oh – and note they put the wrist band on you TODAY so you have to wear it until thursday – no joke – no joke…

  6. aaah! i lined up at 6:30 for the wristband! i thought they would run out quickly, especially since the r-teurs’ irving show sold out like instanteously… oh and it was cold. i was shivering.

  7. my friend got one around 5 in the evening. i was there at 630 in the morning by the lady with all the kids and another guy was there since 2 am.

  8. was there today as well. arrived at 8pm to an already long line but it seemed like everyone got a wristband. purchased the new spin and nme with raconteurs on the cover while i was at it too.
    my question is where the hell are they going to perform in that tiny record store and fit all those people?

  9. does everybody’s cd say “saboteurs” in the artist section on computers? i guess it makes sense if they have to change their name in australia or whatever the deal was.

  10. My hand/wrist is a little hairier than laura’s(i am a dude). She’s a much better hand model than me. Packaging for the CD is quite bland. Nothing crazy

  11. I am not sure how feel about the rule about the wristband being on you until the event.. I work at the UN and it really is not the right environment to b wearing a wristband like that at high level seminars and discussions.. i already have hard enough time convincing people that i am not an intern but a Managing Director of an organization there. the wristband thing does not help my cause… i did convince the individual to make it loose so that I could slide it up my arm out of view (or shhhh take it off)

    honestly, i really don’t think that they have the right to dictate that i have to wear it…. if someone is going to scalp it, they probably already a more clever plan to do it. but you know what the scalping situation has really got out of hand lately… i have never have had so much trouble attaining tickets in new york as of late…..

    but enough about that… not a really big deal…. more excited about getting to see them in a small venue… now if radiohead would do something like this….

  12. This is somewhat unrelated.. does anybody know where the ‘message’ section of whitestripes.com has gone? You know, the bit where jack posts stuff..

  13. i agree with the scalping comment – i feel like such an idiot walking around my office with the wrist band on!

    the message section has been off of the white stripe page for a few months now….

  14. 19, I’m guessing it’s because of the controversy that came up every time Jack would say something. Someone on some website would take something too far, and a huge battle between people on the internet would occur, and nothing good would ever happen.

  15. i had no problems sliding the bracelet off of my wrist! but now i have to worry about losing it and/or forgetting it for thursday night!

  16. oh i wish i could go! but since i live a 2-hour drive from the city and i accompnied my husband to guns’n’roses last night (they were on stage until 2AM and yes i am at work right now) i just can’t make it. hopefully they’ll play new york again soon!

  17. laura – if you were asking about GNR it was pretty darn great. i’m not a huge fan (my husband dragged me there) but axl put on quite a show! he was running all over the stage for the whole 2 and a half hours of action. pyrotechnics, izzy, sebastian bach and kid rock. the crowd got more tired than the band….

  18. The Raconteurs Live!
    2 shows, 2 stores, 1 day!
    Thursday, June 8th
    Amoeba Music, Hollywood 11:00 am
    Amoeba Music, San Francisco 9:30 pm

    This is a FREE and ALL AGES event!
    Space is limited!

    Amoeba Music, San Francisco
    1855 Haight St.
    San Francisco, Ca
    (415) 831-1200

    Amoeba Music, Hollywood
    6400 Sunset Blvd.
    Los Angeles, Ca
    (323) 245-6400


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