Alias On Demand Stole My Life

So I’ve got the cough/death thing that’s going around my office, which means I’ve been spending a lot of time just sitting at home doing nothing but wearing jammies and drinking fruit juices.

Then on Saturday I decided to check out this thing I’d heard about on Digg Nation earlier on in the week–ABC’s full-length TV episodes on demand–online. Since I’m kinda a fan of “Alias” (and uh.. Michael Vartan..hellooooo hottie!), I decided to check out the last episode available…then I check out the first episode of the season, then the second, then the third–all the way until the point where I had watched about 8 consecutive hours of “Alias” on my laptop. That’s freaking sick! But oh so goooooood!

So if you feel the need to waste about 8-10 hours of your life, logon to and catch any previously aired episode of “Alias”, “Lost”, “Desperate Housewives”, or “Commander-in-Chief” until June 30. Oh and btw- It’s all entirely FREE. How awesome is that?!

PS- I do not work for ABC and no one gave me money to plug this stuff–it’s just all kinds of awesome and more TV should be available like this.

5 Replies to “Alias On Demand Stole My Life”

  1. erm, you will never get Michael Vartan cause you called him a hottie, you need to put more t’s in it. Say Michael Vartan is a hotttttttttiee! Then he’ll come a runnin’

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