Some Quick Notes on The Guillemots

I’m so surprised more people haven’t commented on The Guillemots post I wrote a few days ago. Seriously–it was a magical show. Although even when I was there I was totally shocked that the show wasn’t sold out because the band was so strong live.

Some highlights:

– The Guillemots made their grand entrance by coming through the back of the venue and walking through the crowd smashing cymbals and playing brass.

– Lead singer Fyfe Dangerfield doing a subtle strip tease throughout the show, first taking off his newsboy cap, then jacket, then sanity.

– Fyfe walking off the stage, coming into the audience and yelling at himself after he totally blanked on the words/music to a song.

– Me swing dancing with Sarah during “Trains to Brazil”

– Fyfe making us grunt like a bunch of cavemen

– Fyfe doing a song solo during the encore: Just his amazing voice, a tiny keyboard, and the tapping of his feet. The audience was DEAD SILENT.

– The Noisettes coming onstage to help out with percussion.

I’m usually not a sucker for cheery, jangly pop (yeah that’s right Mystery Jets), but the Guillemots are so infectious and delightful you cannot help but fall in love with them. And if the music doesn’t work, the dynamic (and unpredictable) stage presence of lead singer Fyfe Dangerfield will definately win you over.



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  1. Saw them last night in Los Angeles. Fyfe is immensely watchable. And what a voice!

  2. Thanx Laura, I had been doing such a good job of saving my money and now you make me ruin it and go buy another cd!

  3. I’m soooo jealous you guys got to watch them… I live all the way down in Brazil (São Paulo) and only in my wildest dreams I can imagine watching them live. Just a great band I currently can`t get enough!
    But what about Levy? I was in NY last November and missed a chance of watching them! I deeply regret it! How was it?

  4. They sound sterile on their albums — live they are incredible. Saw them a handful of times, incl. at a minature club in Brixton, where Fyfe was clearly well lubricated.

  5. Saw Guillemots play AGAIN last week at the Astoria. They were amazing- no surprise there. Seen them about 5 times now and each show has been different- they haven’t lost their knack for being musically spontaneous AND being good at it. MC Lord Magrao was just bursting with energy as was Fyfe… I want to see more!

  6. Oh my gOd there are the best baNd that i Have listeneD in my fuckIn lifE!! I lobyu bOys!!

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