The Guillemots Will Make You Love Life

I’m about two steps away from Death’s door, but I just wanted to say that I saw The Guillemots tonight at Bowery Ballroom and I was totally floored by how amazing they were live. I didn’t know any of their songs going into the show, but I fell in love with this band after seeing their spectacular live show. There was so much positive energy floating around that stage that even the most emolicious of us would start to love life after witnessing one of their shows.

The crowd was so bowled over that they demanded two encores…


Window/ We’re Here/ Sea Out/ Who Left/ World Ends/ Love Song/ Trains/ Go Away/ Blue/ Sao Paulo

Seriously, you need to see this band live and listen to their music starting yesterday.

the guillemots bowery

6 Replies to “The Guillemots Will Make You Love Life”

  1. I’ve been addicted to a couple of their songs i downloaded a while back. Trains to Brazil is a classic. So uplifting.

  2. I just can`t get enough of them… Downloaded a couple of songs a while back and can`t stop listening to them! Amazing!!

  3. Seeing them next week, hope they stay amazing, all of their songs I’ve heard either hit me full on like trains to brazil or grow on me until I love them like we’re here.

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