9 Replies to “Video of Raconteurs at Irving Plaza”

  1. Two shitty songs. I stil don’t understand what Jack is thinking. I was at the show and the only one that was decent was ‘Broken Boy Soldiers’ How could they have picked these two to promote themselves?

  2. im not saying the raconteurs are bad ( jacks kind of my hero, or was.) but I find them really boring. I guess I liked stooges influenced Jack instead of really boring-era-zeppelin-influenced jack. stick to the stripes.

  3. I really like Yellow Sun, I don’t see why someone would think it was “shitty”. And Hands ain’t bad.

  4. #1…a little tip for ya’:

    White Stripes DO NOT = The Raconteurs

    2 different bands; 2 different styles of playing music


  5. you guys don’t know what youre talking about, this is some of teh best music this era has produced

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