Fall Out Boy Forever

Guess who just fullfilled their 2 month-long dream of seeing Fall Out Boy in concert? Me! Wow I just went to Bamboozle Festival in East Rutherford, New Jersey and lived to tell about it.

We arrived just before FOB was going to play on the main stage, so sadly we missed the All-American Rejects and all their Moving Along and Sing Singing.

The best quote of the night? When Fall Out Boy said something about being emo, some dude in the crowd said, “You’re not emo, you’re just gay.” Brillz.

Something that made my little heart explode during the set was when FOB played “I Write Sins Not Tragedies” bringing Panic! at the Disco onto the stage. I almost died of sheer joy. But I did get sad when Pete Wentz only recited the words to the poem part of “Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying” but didn’t sing the song…because that is my jam.

Wentz might have been responding to that angry North Carolina mom who wrote to Island Records complaining about Fall Out Boy’s “foul-mouthed and anti-moral” behavior when he said that the band was trying to cut down on the cursing–to which he made the audience do a game of “fill-in-the-blank” using cussword prefixes. Example, “Mother______” “Ass_____” etc. I’m sure that mom would also have been proud when Pete told all the guys in the audience who would get some action from taking their girlfriends to a FOB concert “Your Welcome”. Moms love premarital sex.

I liked how Pete Wentz had no less than 3 costume changes (blazer w/ neutral colored shirt, then the gayest black and red striped v-neck sweater, then a red Clandestine Industries sweatshirt hoodie with black bat design), how he kept making self-referential comments about his peen on the internet, and started telling stories that ended up involving their song lyrics. Dirty got thrown onto a table inbetween songs as well and then danced “like Homer Simpson” during “Dance Dance”. It was retarded cheesy and ridiculous, and that’s why I loved it.

The picture below is supposed to show you how they shot canons of confetti out into the crowd at the end of the concert. It was like crazy New Year’s Eve.

Other memorable moments: When the audience was prompted to make diamonds in the sky like Kanye, the 47-year-old crazy cowboy hippie dude behind us, watching high schoolers riding a stormy sea while crowd surfing, AI proving that we were probably the oldest and most safety-concerned people there (besides crazy 47-year-old man) when he tapped some kid on the shoulder to make sure he wasn’t throwing a glass beer bottle at the girl a few yards up sitting on someone’s shoulders. “Naw, it’s plastic!,” the kid replied, yelling at my mom on my cellphone and telling her to stop embarrassing me in front of all my friends and that we’d be home in *like* 30 minutes, OKAY? GOD!, then continuing to live the (unsordid) dream of a 14-year-old later on in the night.

They were selling the world’s most perfect FOB tshirt (it said “Patrick & Peter & Andy & Joe.” on the front and “FOB” on the back.) but they only had XL left. Sad because I would have worn it every night to sleep and dreamed of broken hearts and black hair dye.

Other songs they played: I Slept with Someone In Fall Out Boy and All I Got Was This Stupid Song/ Nobody Puts Baby In the Corner/ Sugar We’re Going Down/ Of All the Gin Joints In the World/ Our Lawyer Made Us Change the Name of This Song So We Wouldn’t Get Sued/ A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More Touch Me/ XO (?)/ Honorable Mention/ Where Is Your Boy/ Tell That Mick He Just Made My List Of Things To Do Today
Oh btw- “Do you see the Giants Stadium sign? Yah we’re RIGHT in front of that!” and White Castle burgers are delicious.

NOTE: Please do not find FOB on the radio after you just saw them in Jersey and play the music at full volume and drunkenly scream along while traveling at high speeds and making an illegal U-Turn at a police station. It is not a good idea…unless you like to get arrested.

fall out boy bamboozle

fall out boy bamboozle

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EDITOR’S NOTE, JUNE 19, 2006: To anyone reading this post, I’ve started a new Web site: SO MORE SCENE.com, where I talk about Fall Out Boy, Panic! at the Disco, Taking Back Sunday and other bands of that nature, so please check it out if you like reading content just like this!

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  1. I envy you so much right now, that I can barely put it into words… 😛

    btw, love your website. 😉

  2. how can you like such great bands like the stripes and yeah yeah yeahs and then like a 5th generation blink182 clone band as much as you do. Did you notice tons of jr high kids at the show?

  3. there’s no such thing as a pre-approved list of bands i’m allowed to like if i like the white stripes and the yeah yeah yeahs, is there? i have no problem embracing my inner teenager–and yes, i was surrounded by 14 year old kids. it was great.

  4. fall out boy ended up at mishapes. how we ended up in hoboken with the rejects instead remains as much a mystery as fob’s lyrics.

    “lately i’ve been thinking i hope you catch fire cause i wouldn’t piss to put you out.”

  5. I am sure you are sick the attacks for your obsession with FOB, but I really don’t get it

  6. Let me preface this by saying i was a bit”buzzed” at the time but i’ve recently seen video of FOBs appearance on SNL and i sorta liked the songs they played.They played Sugar..blahblahblah and something else.Sure they did every cliched indie pose(bass player jumps on Marshall amp,stares at audience,bass player jumps off Marshall amp) and that singer dude with the hat made me paranoid but they had good energy.So i guess if i got free tickets i might show up.

  7. it makes me sad that you like fall out boy. i guess everyone has their own taste and i’m glad you don’t adhere to the idea (like so many do) that there is a set list of bands that are acceptable. but it still makes me sad that anyone likes fall out boy. their meteroric rise is surely a sign of the apocolypse.

  8. ok, I am not a fan of Fall Out Boy; emo, screamo, or whatever its called, is not my favorite type of music; the lyrics are kind of cheesy & lame,
    but they’re still a cool pop band to sing along to and make fun of yourself for doing it…at least in my opinion,,,.,…
    I mean, its just another popular band anyway, there’s no need to be angry, or sad about it…

  9. i heart FOB. i heart Laura. i heart this post like there’s no tomorrow.

    **get busy or get busy dying yo!**

  10. Do you actually like the music? or just the genre/image? I’m not trying to attack you or anything..those are honest questions.

    i love your blog.

  11. First Of All I Pesonally Am Okay With fob But What Pisses Me Off Is All The Stupid Preps Who “like” Fall Out Boy When They Were Not Known It Was All Better Now They Are Another Normie Band

  12. OMG!!!! i LOOOOOOOOOOVE fallout boy, but mostly Pete Wentz. but um yeahh i havent had the pleaser of going to a fallout boy show but one of my friends has a friend who hugged Pete Wentz, so thats as close to fallout boy as i can ge but um… yeah okay later lozers!

  13. “First Of All I Pesonally Am Okay With fob But What Pisses Me Off Is All The Stupid Preps Who “like” Fall Out Boy When They Were Not Known It Was All Better Now They Are Another Normie Band”

    oh my god, someone give this kid a cyanide pill.

  14. i think fob is the best even if they were eye liner especialy pete hes the hottest i dont care if those pics that came out were gross he still rocs my world!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  15. Actually, i think fallout boy is really good, and i am SO sick of hearing people bitch on and on about how much they suck, none of those people saw them in concert before they got famous either, so dont pretend like you did. honestly. im pretty sure you have plenty mainstream bands on your playlists and ipods.

  16. i fink tht fall out boy are actually rele good n its not just the image or their popularity why i listen 2 them i genuinly [[yeh yeh i cant spell]] like their music n i think its great..!!!!!!!!! you shudnt be judged by the music you listen to___xo

  17. omg PETE WENTZ is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot!!!! i luv fallout boy some ppl think that they arnt good but they are all stupid … FOB ROK!!! and especially pete wentz 😉

    FOB rox my sox and pete wentz is gorgus … 😀

  18. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love pete so much he is amazing!!! cunt get tickets 4 there concert this tym but i will nxt tym cnt wait!!!!!!!!! omg defo gona get VIP ive got 2 see pete in fron of me lol x

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  20. this is ace i luv infinity on high its ace pete OMG!!he is sooooooooooo nice its unbalivable patrick is okii but pete sssssooooooo sxc!!

  21. You people should just go die.
    I waited for around 4 years for them to come out here.
    And I got killed by “zomg p33t luvrz”
    So yeah, go choke on toxic gas.

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