The Strokes Play Rolling Stone’s 1,000 Issue Party

Hey guys. I just got home from the Rolling Stone 1,000th issue party which The Strokes played at Hammerstein Ballroom. Sadly I got so drunk during the night-long open bar that I somehow lost the piece of paper I wrote the set list down on. 🙁 (PS- Open bar + Me + Not eating dinner = Not a good idea.)

But here’s a list of some of the songs I or my friend Bao remembers thinking they played tonight (seriously, if you have a good memory or didn’t get as drunk as I did, please correct me):

The End Has No End/ Someday/ Heart In a Cage/ You Only Live Once/ The Modern Age/ Juicebox (with Eddie Vedder singing the chorus)/ Reptilia/ Ask Me Anything/ Last Night/ Vision of Division/ Walk on the Wild Side (Lou Reed cover, sung with Lou Reed)/ Barely Legal/ Take It or Leave It

The only other “special guest” to appear onstage at the event? Uh…John Cougar Mellencamp reading out parody lyrics before Paul Shaffer and the “Rolling Stone Cover Band” went on. WOOOOH ROCK ‘N’ ROOOLLL!

Celebs there: Marilyn Manson (who is an earlier bird to parties!), Dita von Teese, Nas, Mike D, Moby, Ice-T, Denise Vasi, um… Nick Zinner?

UPDATE: Check out the photos on Getty Images. Apparently I missed Ryan Adams‘s sweet a** wearing a Lassie t-shirt and hanging out with Jessica Jaffe. Oh well…

Cellphone cam shot of The Strokes:

The Strokes Rolling Stone 10000

rolling stone 10000

Jason ran up to the front like a little school girl, check out his photos and review over at Product Shop NYC. Also more over at Rolling, and Water Cooler Gossip.

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  1. Vedder was there b/c after pearl jam taped their letterman appearance last night they played a mini concert at the ed Sullivan theatre, which the strokes were at.

  2. I have audio of the eddie vedder and lou reed songs… and a few of the strokes songs as well. I should be able to post them early next week.

    That was a legendary evening.

  3. everyone can have the mp3’s when I get a chance to upload them. they’ll be at
    so check next week.

  4. I’m pretty sure Kid Rock was there too. He was in a pimped-out white suit and hat, talking to Marilyn Manson the whole time.

  5. wow…. lou fucking reed on stage with the strokes? I would have never believed it myself the next day.

    I’m sure the guys were more excited about the Eddie Vedder thing though, they always talk about how much they love Pearl Jam. It’s endearing.

    I can’t wait for the mp3s of this.

    And has anyone else noticed that as Julian gets older, he keeps looking younger. It’s mind-blowing.

  6. I am also wondering just HOW you get into these places…. I sure wish to hell I could have been there!!

  7. sobriety looks good on jules. he was like a man possessed (relatively speaking) onstage. walking, talking…deep knee bends during the high notes.

  8. Hi guys.. I was checking the strokes pics on Getty, and I found something quite odd..
    It know it’s quite silly but does Julian have a tattoo in his chest?
    In his portraits there’s something sticking out under the t-shirt. On the left side.. a black thick line… I thought it could be a piece of fabric from the shirt, but it’s on both pics.
    Just out of curiosity.
    Tell me what your eyes see…

  9. i can help correct the strokes set list a bit.

    our lists have the same songs, but you forgot
    ask me anything, played after juicebox iirc.
    just jules and nick on mellotron.

    im confident that these are all the songs, less so about the order, though the general placement is about right i think.

    i know for sure they opened with someday,
    thats my favorite of theirs.
    im also confident about the first four tracks order.
    after that, i get hazy.

    however, i do know that last night was right after lou reed, which wowed me even more. i also remember they did hard to explain after that, which stuck out cause thats the album order for those 2.

    heres what i got:

    the end has no end
    heart in a cage
    you only live once
    barely legal
    juicebox with eddie vedder
    ask me anything
    walk on the wild side with lou reed
    last night
    hard to explain
    vision of division
    the modern age
    take it or leave it

    the weirdest moment of the night was when, in between songs, before a count-off or anything, a girl near me screamed out REPTILIA!!! and then a second later they started playing it. she must be a strokes-nostradamus. strange.

    the set kicked ass though, a lot of fun.

  10. I screamed out “JACCCCKKKK ANNNDD DIIAANNEE” after Mellencamp finished his Rolling Stone song but unfortunately my request went unheeded.

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