Ouuuch. Apple’s Latest Ad Campaign

Hmm…anyone feel that Apple’s latest ad campaign featuring a “square” kinda middle-aged guy with glasses and a suit representing a PC and a “hip” scruffy, hoodies-t-shirt-and-jeans wearing dude representing a Mac is kinda…well…harsh and not at all funny? I’m sure there are a good number of disheveled young hipsters using PCs RIGHT NOW. Are you one of them?

Uh…did Steve Jobs just put a hex on my Mac for saying that?

View the Apple ads.

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23 replies on “Ouuuch. Apple’s Latest Ad Campaign”

  1. I have a PC and I’m not ashamed. Uhhh what’s the difference between a Mac and a PC anyway?

  2. The PC guy is John Hodgman. Been on the Daily Show a couple of times. My new favorite.

  3. That’s kind of a bold statement when one of the ads state that Macs don’t get any viruses when there’ve been news this year stating that there are infact viruses out there for OS X.4.

  4. i have a pc. i can’t afford a mac. i really don’t care either way.

    boo hoo.

  5. PC better…MAC better…

    don’t forget that Linux/ unix….has always been a better platform, hence MAC adopting it for its OS…cuz PC (the republican computer) remains set on their self sufficient ways and not wanting to embrace other alternatives.
    MAC saw this and figured heck, we’re always updating our models an leaving people behind with older ones..might as well use this open source stuff…

    bottom line, PC are great for some things, MAC are great for some other. There’s no black or white- There’ll never be unless a monopoly company buys them both along with every other alternative and develops the super computer…blah blah blah…

    Just look at the ads for what they are: selling tools…what you gotta ask yourself is;
    am I a dumbass to buy it or not?

    own a mac, a pc,

  6. The fat business guy uses the term “SLOW JAMS”…

    that’s MY phrase!

    …ok, and Beck’s, but…mine, too!

    *so angry i could eat an optical mouse*

  7. I agree with number three. Anything with Warren Chewick is a ok with me. Too bad they don’t play Ed reruns. The last time I saw the show, of all places, was Macedonia where they play it twice a day! Macedonians heart Ed.

    Oh, and I heart macs but own a pc.

  8. Okay all you Windows people can just calm down. They weren’t saying that all PC users are stupid and old and unhip, just that all people that are stupid and old and unhip are PC users. Kind of like that bit David Cross has about the gay man’s lisp.

    Plus, I don’t know any cool people that PREFER Windows computers over Macs. Just sayin’!

  9. Henry,
    there has been no news of a virus for OS X
    There was a proof-of-concept trojan (which is NOT a virus) a while back (a story which AP seems to have regurgitated this week and passed off as new news for reasons unknown), but that’s all it was. It was never out in the wild, and required absolute stupidity on the part of the user for it to even do anything. (ie, the user had to download it themself, open it themself, enter their administrator password itself, i think you see where this is going).

    And if you want to get picky, nowhere in that ad do they say that Macs don’t get viruses. They say there’s 140,000 (or whatever the number was) virii for PCs – and not for Macs.

  10. Yeah, and to add to Nathan’s explanation, it was a fucking 6 gigabyte picture file, that was advertised as a leak of the new operating system (if memory serves). You would have to be pretty stupid to get it.
    i.e., a PC user.

    Sorry, had to.

    Anyways, one slight thing of this magnitude is definitely not something to get all up in arms about, especially coming from someone who supports the use of Windows.

  11. Hey Kristian,

    I was there this past summer for a week visiting a friend who lives there. It was awesome, safe, cheap and beautiful. Give it a few more years and it will the new hip place to go.

  12. Thought as a semi-recent Mac convert I would chime in. I personally think the ads are hilarious, but only because I have a bit of an Apple superiority complex (free with any Mac purchase). And if you did buy a Mac, or use one long enough to let it handle your photos and emails and browsing and computer life, you’d understand why.

    Really, the Mac doesn’t crash, it is effectively free from viruses and spyware, and the bulk of the software is just made better, including, in my opinion, Microsoft Office. Any of the existing arguments about OSX’s stability and virus safety are purely academic and speculative.

    Frankly, the only argument against the Mac is its lack of obscure software, and even then, if you don’t need a program to count the cycles of the moon backwards while reciting relevent passages of Shakespeare (or you can’t code your own), you have nothing to worry about.

    As for the price factor, I’m really not sure what people are whining about. The Mac mini is 600 bucks, the iBook is $1000. You get student discouts of up to $100. We are talking very affordable machines here. Did I mention that OSX, which actually provides new features with their updates and which actually delivers these updates *cough*Longhorn*cough* is half the price of XP?

    But hey, if you haven’t tried living with a Mac (and if you’re still a PC user at this point, then you haven’t), and you don’t want to give it a chance, then fine. Torture yourself with WIndows. Having a small user base doesn’t hurt my risk with viruses and spyware. I don’t get brownie points for converting PC users.

    Basically, if you get a Mac, it’s only for yourself, to make your life easier. If you want to judge without trying, that doesn’t make the Mac user stupid, it makes you ignorant, and on the losing end of the computing world.

    My name is Andrew, and when I first bought a Mac, there wasn’t a computer I couldn’t fix. Now, there isn’t a computer I need to fix. I sure do like my computer to work the way I want it to.

    Sorry for getting carried away there. Back to you…

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