Jack White and Karen Elson Celebrate Baby Scarlett’s Birth

The Detroit Free Press is reporting that Jack White’s wife Karen Elson gave birth to a baby girl named Scarlett Teresa yesterday in Tennessee. Neither spokespeople for Jack White or Karen Elson have confirmed the birth…yet. Thanks to Delia for the link.

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Image from Rock Your Baby.

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113 replies on “Jack White and Karen Elson Celebrate Baby Scarlett’s Birth”

  1. Congratulations to Jack and Karen. I hope Scarlett is healthy and happy and I wish her good fortune in her life.

  2. Very Southern and beautiful. I just can’t wait to see her. I’ll bet she’s a doll.

  3. The name Teresa is beautiful as well.I’d like to know how they came up with that one.

  4. To Channy:
    The article says, “Teresa was chosen in honor of White’s mother.”

  5. Scarlett White-poor kid, she will be another example of $$ not buying sanity……..Scarlett White-how obvious

  6. Not so fast. According to this the baby’s last name is Gillis because didn’t legally change his name to White or he changed it back to Gillis after the divorce:

    Jack White and Karen Elson welcome a daughter

    White Stripes/Raconteurs rocker Jack White and his model wife Karen Elson have welcomed their first child. The little girl, named Scarlett Teresa, was born in Tennessee on Tuesday May 2nd. Her middle name is in honor of Jack’s mother. Although it would be fun if the baby bore the colorful name of Scarlett White, her actual last name is Jack’s legal one – Gillis.

  7. Scarlett’s name would be extra cute if she had her mom’s bright red hair…but alas, Mommy’s hair color comes from a hoity-toity New York salon.

  8. I thought Karen’s hair was naturally red. I saw a nudey pic of her and I have two words for you: fire crotch. Unless she takes the bottle down under, or possibly the photographer felt the need to photoshop so the curtains match the drapes.

  9. she does dye her hair. its naturally alot lighter than that. that is gonna be one ugly kid.

  10. Unless she takes the bottle down under, or possibly the photographer felt the need to photoshop so the curtains match the drapes.

    This is the case. Her hairdresser outed her in the New York Times. He says her natural color is mousy brown.

    Anyway, yay for Jack and Karen! Stock up on the sunscreen, cuz that’s going to be the palest baby ever.

  11. names for future children: blood, bloodshot, blooming, blush, brick, burgundy, cardinal, carmine, cerise, cherry, chestnut, claret, copper, coral, crimson, dahlia, damask, flaming, florid, flushed, fuchsia, garnet, geranium, glowing, healthy, inflamed, infrared, magenta, maroon, pink, puce, redness, rose, roseate, rosy, rubicund, ruby, ruddy, russet, rust, salmon, sanguine, scarlet, terra cotta, titian, vermeil, vermilion, wine

  12. So he likes the color red big deal. It doesn’t matter why he chose the name Scarlett, it’s still a normal name. Jack is pretty traditional, so I didn’t expect a weird name from him anyway.

  13. i think they named her after Scarlett Johannsen.

    i am sure the little kid will be living it up like Paris Hilton one day,
    from the Cokacola fortune her parents have amASSed for her.

    lucky baby.

  14. I think Scarlett comes from Gone With the Wind, but that’s just me.

    She’s gonna be a pretty baby.

  15. Nah, Liz, it’s not just you. It says so in the article. (But I think you know that.)

  16. That damn Coke song is going to haunt him for the rest of his days. It’s not going to matter what Jack does in the future is it? Nevermind the ad is only going to be shown on the net for the time being. Kind of like these:

  17. Celebrity Baby Blog updated and said her name is really Scarlett White, because his legal name is Jack White. I think Scarlett White is a pretty cool name for a star’s kid, though I’d hate it for an average kid. She’ll probably grow up with other oddly name celebrity kids, so she’ll fit in.

  18. I think the kids name should be Scarlett Gillis because she doesn’t deserve Meg’s last name. Ahh I loved numbers 23 and 17 in the posts above. You make me laugh in a devastating time like this. Sorry Jack

  19. Congradulations to the lovely couple. I’m so incredibly happy for them! Scarlett White is a beautiful name, and the fact that it’s Jack White’s child’s name makes it perfect.

  20. please be nice, how dare you say she doesn’t deserve the name white, thats flat out evil! How can you be so pathethic and say bad things about a 5 day old, its really sad.
    karen is a red head i saw a picture of her in a magazine as her as a child, its just lighter than it is now, but she’s ginger alright.

  21. To Whoever – don’t tell other posters not to be mean or be nice – they can say whatever they want and you don’t need to like it.

    While you’re at it, I’m assuming you don’t personally know Jack and his wife, so don’t act like you’re protecting them or something because they certainly don’t give a shit about you.

  22. cause jack white is a sell out bitch with alot of assholes drooling on his nuts thats why

  23. To Lila: did it ever occur to you that you are telling other posters what to do? Is it possible there are people who don’t like mean spirited comments regardless of who they are aimed at?

  24. First off , get it straight . it is a fact Karen Elson is not a REAL redhead. a hair stylist turned her hair that color and it worked for her getting her jobs for looking wierd. it is insulting to REAL redheads when people say she is. even when she compplains about how children picked on her as a child. she does not mision the pain of dealing with being a “REAL” redhead. only that she was to skinny , to tall, to pale… not being a redhead. as a beautiful redhead myself that would be the first thing on my mind talking about when children were mean to me. shes a posin’!!
    once again jack going for something that he claims to love but come to find out its not real. he’s just is over whelmed with the whole hollywood thing!!! he has gotten sucked right on in!!! and loving it!! i thoght he would really meet a woman that was not so into the modeling thing.he can deny it all he wants to, but he has forgotten what he resented so much about it. Jack has become hollywood now!!!
    he dated a super actress and now a super model.
    How are you supposed to raise a child when you get married after 3 weeks and pregnant after 3 months of knowing someone and expect it to work out. he just started another band. come on!!! where is daddy going to be???? i really see a short lived thing with him and karen . the statistics prove it!! the odds are against them!!!

  25. Hahaha do you know how many redheads out there, especially celebrity redheads, aren’t real redheads? I’ll bet your bottom dollar the bottle redheads far outweigh the real ones. Marcie Bolen, a redheaded ex of Jack’s, obviously dyes her hair too. If his initial attraction to a woman happens to be her red hair I really doubt he gives a shit if it’s real or not. Red hair is beautiful no matter if it’s real or not. His pin-up Rita Hayworth wasn’t a real redhead either! Why is this so offensive to you? Do you feel shafted because men aren’t fawning over your “real” red hair? You posted this same crap on Karen’s LJ community too and it just makes you look like an idiot. Karen has said a few times she isn’t a real redhead. It’s no secret. She does have the complexion of one. It’s not something to get in a tizzy over. Kind of like your post wasn’t worth getting in a tizzy over, but I did it anyway.

  26. I knew few pretty redheads in highschool who weren’t made fun of. I guess you had the misfortune of being an ugly one.

  27. I knew ‘a’ few… That changes the context of the whole sentence. Imagine that just a little ‘a’.

  28. karen elson is a real redhead, that stuff in the
    fasion magazine wasn’t true…surprise surprise!

    you can’t have that super pale skin and frekles
    like that without being a real redhead
    it’s differen’t then your average goth type pale.

  29. yes, yes you can. im as pale as she was before she bleached her face or somehow got it made white as coke getting rid of freckles. i had light blond hair as a child that has now gone dark blond. kate moss used to be really pale. her complexions gone darker and so has her hair (although she dyes it too, just like karen)

  30. I absolutely love how a post regarding a couple’s first child turns into a debate on how Jack White is a “sell out” because his music is played on the radio and he did an ad for Coca-Cola which did NOT end up being used; as well as how Karen Elson dyes her hair. Big deal, pretty much anyone over the age of 30 dyes their hair unless they like the “grey look”. Why the hell is it a problem if The White Stripes are a pretty damn great band, a famous model dyes her hair, and two celebrities are capable of loving each other because, gasp, they’re human? Anyone who has enough spare time to trash this beautiful family should really take their hardxcore punk rawk teen angst dog shit out on a celebrity who actually deserves it.

  31. SCARLETT WHITE????????OMG!!!!!!!!!!HE WAS THINKING ABOUT HIS CAREER EVEN CHOOSING HIS DAUGHTER S NAME!:-):-) he s terrific!!!!!!!!!!hehe!!!!!!

  32. Or maybe he is obsessed with the color red. His choice of red for his band had more to do with his liking of it than anything else. He painted the walls in his house red for goodness sakes. He likes it A LOT.

  33. i just want to say that i m happy for him, now he s a father, but this guy just changed so much man!!!,….FAME changes people…jack has become another person.

  34. Jack white is the greatest musician of all time. i have been the white stripes (in my opinion) biggest fan for years since they released lets shake hands.

    and he has picked along with karen a nice name for there child.

    as for the obsession with red, it isnt just red its red black and white. 3 simple colours. as white stripe fans will know 3 was jacks symbol for his first company.

    his life revolves around this number so now his life is perfect there is 3 in his family. good luck to them all

  35. How can u say it !!!!!!!!!!

    Jack is amazing !

    Congrats !

    Scarlett White/Gillis
    how beautiful !

  36. congrats, i’m glad to see there are a few decent people here who have have some nice words to say.
    i wish them happiness.
    who cares if they drink coke or dye there hair red.
    anyone who gets bent up over these things really has a chip on shoulder or too much time on ther hands.
    Come on its really childish imagine getting mad at your friend because she dyes her hair black from it being naturally dark brown. Please the fact is that ceratin people here would wish to be the mother of Jack’s child and will find any reason to rip on Karen, even if its a bottle of hair dye. Give the girl some credit from all i’ve heard from sources in the fashion world it is that she is really humble and grounded, but you don’t want to hear that do you because even if she’s the sweetest girl in the world she is still married to the man you want. You claim to say jack is a sell-out, do you have a pay check every month? Do you make money?you do? well your a sell-out too. You’re making money like Jack. the fact is that we don’t know him and never will so all our comments have no real standing. we are basing everything on gossip and larger dose of jugdement.
    Its so depressing to see how corrupt these postings can become. You wish harm on these people who have just given birth to a child. I can’t imagine what kind of friend you are.
    No-one is perfect, if jack’s life confuses you, have you ever considered its because you don’t know the guy and therefore how can you comment with such authority.

  37. i completley agree with you i dont think jack care what those trash have to say anyway

  38. jack and karen love each other and they happy whith their new baby so fuck of go get a job

  39. I’m so sick and tired of dumb people trying to protect jack or that karen chick…..without even knowing them in person!!.people saying that who criticize jack’s behavoiur is just jealous because he is married to a model and blablabla….i really cant stand this shit anymore…….he really disappointed me .. i dont like people like jack.

  40. First off,I must say how hilarious and ultimately childish some of the comments are.I didn’t know This was an “I hate Jack” forum or “Does Karen mix a double batch to match the snatch”….its absurd and the last time I checked people were free to name their children whatever they want.Being Southern I think Scarlett is a beautiful name and my sister is named Teresa,so Im kinda partial to that one too.While Jack (John Anthony Gillis legally) is a bit on the eccentric side,no one can possibly deny he’s the best guitar player since Keith Richards.(And while on the subject of Keith….he bloody fell out of a palm tree….whats a 60 year old man doing in a palm tree?…that man really won’t die. I adore Keith,but did ya ever notice how cute he was in the 70s when he was on heroin???.It seemed that the heroin kept him young and boom…he’s clean and he turned into an old man.Ive seen the Stones 3 times and it was fantastic….but nowadays I could only go to a concert if they all turned around…I just couln’t bear to look at them……lots of jokes there) Sorry…got off on a Stones tangent.
    As for Karen’s downstairs…Jack obviously doesn’t mind what the hell colour it is,so why all the fuss about her pubes??? Good God!!!
    Many congratulations to Jack and Karen,I wish them nothing but happiness and a baby who sleeps through the night!!!

    If she looks anything like Jack she WILL be gorgeous….and as you so crudely put it #36….Id love the opportunity to drool on Jacks nuts…and quite a few other places on his body as well.I told my husband and he agreed that if the opporunity arose (no pun intended) that I could go for it.,as long as he gets to shag Rebecca Romijn.But Im thinking neither will ever happen….ahhhh but it makes for awesome fantasies.

  41. Oh yeah,no name could possibly compete with the taunts I edured.My parents had the brilliant idea to name me after my Aunt and Uncle.John and Frances….well Joan for my Uncle John and Frances for my aunt…..unfortunately they failed to put it all together with my maiden name…Hart. Therefore you get Joan F.Hart…or as my friends called me (affectionately so) JoanFHart. They still call me that,I pick up the phone and I’ll hear “JoanFHart”
    Thank God for my husbands last name.

  42. the person who wrote #36 is an idiot because jack is not a sell out. if you new him at all you would know he isnt because some gap person said they would give him like 1000 dollars in his gap add and he said no soooooo think about it. and plus he is obviously the greatest musician of all time because they only have 2 poeple in the white stripes, (him and meg) and yet he can make it sound just as good like if you would add a bass or something in the band. and people who said he messed up with haveing a baby is wrong because he might REALLY love karen alot and wants to start a family with the one he loves.anyway he is jack white he can balance out his carrer with his family.Plus you arent in his life so you dont know the whole story about them having a baby . Jack is the hottest guy ever and i am sure even though i dont think karen is the prettiest lady ever his baby is going to be beautiful.Sorry about that karen thing but because i dont know her i am not going to say i “hate her”okay, and you shoudnt ethier .and plus he his cathlic and all cathlics rock!!!!!!!!!! ya!

    you know what people who dont like jack or anyone in his life with him…..FUCK YOU!

  43. hello again but i said some thing wron the gap person offered him $1000 dollars if his song was in the gap ad and he said no.

    so fuck you people who dont like him or people he knows and likes/loves

  44. guess what i know them and i checked this out because I heard the comments are insane. You probably won’t believe that I know them but I do and I’m not reavealing my name ha ha!
    They’re a very happily married couple who have a sweet daughter who they love.
    Thats what I know to be true.

  45. I think its really sweet that they’re the perfect family & Scarlet Teresa is a lovely name ! I totally agrre with the people woh say theat Jack White is THE GREATEST MUSICIAN OF ALL TIME !!!!!! & it REALLY shouldnt matter if Karen dyes her hair or not ! anyway best of wishes to them all !!

  46. HI again, if the person who knows them if they do know them please can u ask them if it would be possible for either of his bands (cz there both GREAT !!) could come over & perform on the Isle of Man (it’s near England for those who dont now) because they have sooooooooooooooo many fans over here & it would be really good if they would. For the people who think i’m naive to believe the person who says they know them well im sorry but iim ony 15 & it’s worth a shot !!

  47. hey, i totally agree with jenny, jack should definatley come to the isle of man, we love him over here! btw, scarlet teresa is SUCH a cute name! xxx

  48. OMFG!!!!!!!
    i love both jack white and karen elson!
    so for the dumb asses who think the baby’s name is Scarlett White, here’s the 411;jack’s name is really John Anthony Gillis. So that means his daughter’s name would be Scarlett Teresa Gillis. Also I have their info if anyone wants it(county, city, state, address, #)

  49. jack white the greatest musician of all time…this must be some powerful crack..!..he’s not even deserving to lick kurt cobain’s ass….fuck this guy……….he’s such a loser i hate him.

  50. kurt cobain is only a good musician because he snuffed it.

    he had no where near the skill or writing talent of jack.


  52. FIrst of all no one knows for an actual fact if they had their baby or not (which I’m sure they actually did, I’m just saying they might have not). Also, their baby’s name may or may not be Scarlett Teresa. You can’t believe everything that you read.

    Second of all, I’m sure that this baby, known as Scarlett Teresa, is a beautiful baby and will grow up in possibly the greatest enviroment full of love and music.

    Thirdly, singing a song for a coke comercial does not make someone a sell out. Jack White himself said that he had always wanted to write a coke jingle and that dream was fulfilled. Meg White models for Marc Jacobs but I’ve seen nobody accuse her of selling out, yet isn’t it the same thing?

    My parents were engaged after two weeks of knowing each other and they couldn’t possibly love each other more than they do now. When you know that you love that person and want to be with them the rest of your life, you know. There is no time limit to how long you have to know each other to get married. When you know, you know. You guys should just get over your jelousy and let it be.

    Does it really matter if someone dyes their hair or not? Almost everyone I know has dyed their hair and it hasn’t seemed to matter to anyone up until now. Also, unless you actually know Karen, then how would you actually know for a fact if she dyes her hair or not?

    I do however hope that Jack does go back to The White Stripes. Don’t get me wrong, I love The Raconteurs, but The White Stripes stood for everything that I stand for, and without them I am again alone.

    Congratulations to Jack and Karen, may they forever be happy.

  53. the only reason people are talking about karen is because jack married her.no body realy no her only by picture’s .she ‘ll never be on tv. not even once.she only have two interview ‘s she never talk about jack

  54. Old enough to of heard Lets shake hands on 7 inch vinyl.

    I have nothing against kurt cobain, he was ok. just not a god while he was alive.

    i perhaps should of phrased it better.

    But to write and produce the greatest album ever with elephant in like 3 weeks, thats like jesus crossed with ghandi.

  55. um scarlets last name could be white because jack probably legally changed his last name to white so his name know is stil john anthony but his last name is probably white so it is probably scarlet white


  56. jack:
    Caring for his wife and child
    Kick as musician

    words that explain jack

  57. K in my last comment is suppose to read “kick ass musician”
    not “kick as musician”

  58. i think that its wonderful that Jack and Karen had a baby, but i think that we should just leave them alone. Jack White is all about music, and i think thats the thing that matters the most. Frankly, i don’t give a damn what colour his wifes pubes are, i care more about the music he writes rather then the life he leads. i’m a big fan of the white stripes by the way and i think he should go back to what he does best, and thats playing with Meg.

  59. My first thought was that the child is named after Jimmy Page’s daughter, Scarlett. Lovely name.

  60. wow karen elson and johny white they are two perfect !!
    i love the songs from the white stripes and i love karen she is BEAUTIFUL!!
    i wish you two a good year and a good live!
    yours maggi

  61. Jack is very strange and it is nice to see that someone can relate to him I hope, he talks alto and is a little nutty, but congrads on the baby girl and she mighthave red hair Jack is of Irish decent!

  62. If you look at Jack and Meg’s marriage certificate it reads John Gillis but their divorce papers say John White so Jack did legally change his name. That doesn’t really matter though because you can name a baby whatever you want to. Birth certificates are public record though so if anyone lived in Nashville and had the inclination, they could find out. Maybe they named the baby Elson!

  63. hahaha…okay….i took the time to read like half of these and i really have nothing to say
    and i AM a huge fan of jack white,
    but i must say,
    that man is GORGEOUS

    love chanty,

  64. stupid people, you don’t have to be a redhead to be super pale.
    her natural hair colour is mousy strawberry blonde as she
    said herself.

  65. scarlett is such a cool name, and its mineso its even beta, i hav 3 brothers called Wilf, Gabriel, Red and 2 sisters called Bobby and Violet. Red is defo the best name. xxxxx

  66. I’m so happy for them and only recently found out about their beautiful daughter Scarlett.

    P.S. I love jack white and wish him a happy marrige.

  67. I just saw them at breakfast at the Pancake Pantry here in Nashville! Sat right next to them. They are adorable! In regards to Karen’s hair being naturally red… well, she did have some roots. But beautiful girl!!!! They looked really sweet together.

  68. I’m so jealous of teresa! I was in Nashville for the Raconteurs show and hoped to spot them about town but never did. Lucky!!

  69. who the hell cares if karen’s curtains match her drapes? i think red hair is beautiful, real or not. i wish the best for scarlett, and i think it’s a really pretty name. jack doesn’t seem like the type to name his kid audio science. personally, i think scarlett white sounds the best.

    karen is a lucky lady, i’ve wanted jack since i was like seven.

  70. while im at it,
    obviously jack doesn’t give a shit, so who are you to critisize?
    shout outs:
    #61 {joan}- i totally agree, i would so want to drool on jack. and yeah, i did hear about keith richards falling out of that tree, what the hell was he plannin gon doing up there?
    as for #72 “kelly”- if you dislike jack so much, what the hell are you doing on this site? all i have to say is,
    why dont you play a game of hide and go fuck yourself?
    not trying to be viscious, but if your thoughts on him are negative, no one cares what you have to say.

  71. I love jack and I don’t know if it’s just me but maybe he married the supermodel due to this fascination ( er, obsession?) with rita hayworth?! who knows… He’s the coolest and i hope to see him in person one day…

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  73. What??? No one wished baby Scarlett a Happy Birthday??? Let me be the first to say Happy Birthday little princess. You are one year old!!

  74. Has anyone noticed that the girl in the Hotel Yorba video has red hair and a pale complexion and looks a lot like Karen? He must have just always had a vision of his perfect woman cos that video is pretty old.

  75. i dont really care what he calls his baby as long as they are all well and jack and meg keep hammering out great tracks thats all im really bothered about, i think icky thump is an exellent album and so much more the white stripes than get behind me satan if you know what i mean. it reminds me more of their early stuff and i love that. what do ya’ll think?

  76. 333333333 scarlet is a nice name they supposedly have a son too but it might be a bunch of gossip u should visit the white stripes website its amazing

  77. I’m really sick of all the ignorant jerks judging Jack White for naming his daughter Scarlett. If you let the name sing in for a minute, you’d realize that it’s actually very beautiful. He didn’t name it after a color, idiots, he named her after the character Scarlett in his favorite book. Please, do your research before posting rude comments. Jack White is an incredible person, and should definitely not be judged by any of you thoughtless assholes.

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