Links for 2006-05-03

Queen Victoria Meets Alexander McQueen as Anglomania Takes New York by Storm
The Met’s newest show shines the spotlight on Brit fashion

The Dormitory Boys
Life is short, make fools of yourselves while you can!

Original Cast Returns for Rent 10th Anniversary Performance and Party, Photo Op: Buzz
Fervent fans of Rent packed the Nederlander Theatre on April 24 for a 10th anniversary performance that reunited the musical’s original cast. The semi-staged version doubled as a benefit for the New York Theatre Workshop

Paul Rudd, Q&A: Buzz
On his Three Days of Rain with Julia Roberts

Improv Everywhere Mission: Best Buy
Improv Everywhere strikes again! This time, 80 agents fill Best Buy wearing blue polos and khaki pants.

Some More Advice From Peter on
Peter Wentz from Fall Out Boy answers "The Same Five Questions You Always Need Advice On." It’s like a late-night heart-to-heart phone call. Sadly no advice on what to do if photos of your peen leak on the internet. Adds Comedy Section @ Media Buyer Planner
A comedy section has been added at in an effort to generate revenue from the social networking site, with Sierra Mist a prominent product sponsor, writes paidContent (via MarketingVOX)..

The Princess Maker
Meet the go-to hair and makeup girl for NY’s social set

YouTube – iPod Vending Maching!
In a hallway at the Hilton in Las Vegas there is an iPod vending machine. It sells all iPod models and accessories. Here is a video of it.