I Know What I Know

And what I know is that Karen O is one of the most amazing women ever to be involved in rock ‘n’ roll. I can’t imagine anyone who was also at the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s first of two nights at Roseland Ballroom thinking otherwise.

For those who keep score, she was wearing the same outfit she wore at Coachella this weekend–which was made of the same fabric as the dress she wore when I saw the Yeah Yeah Yeahs at Maxwell’s earlier this year. Karen also had some kind of gold glitter painted/stuck/glued onto the backs of her hands which looked so awesome. She also had little gold glitter triangles on her shoulders.

Phenomena/ Black Tongue/ Pin/ Gold Lion/ Honeybear/ Tell Me What Rockers To Swallow/ Mysteries/ Art Star/ Cheated Hearts/ The Sweets/ Turn Into/ Y Control. ENCORE: Maps/ Warrior/ Tick

Some may be wonder, “Was this show ANY better than those crap-tastic Bowery shows you obnoxiously moaned about a few months ago?” Well it’s kinda like comparing apples and oranges…the venue/ experience/ sound was of course 10x better at the Bowery shows, but the crowd was lame in the sense that no one was dancing or remotely excited.

Tonight’s Roseland show defo had more enthusiasm since many more people knew all the new songs, but the crowd was lame in that “Roselandy” way we are all too familiar. You know what I mean. Something about going to Roseland always brings out crazy dudes who just want to push little girls down to the ground. I saw two guys get into a fight as one guy was leaving. Seriously, who gets into fights just as they are about to go? Some drunk guy turned around, screamed at me and gave me a face full of his Jack and Coke scented breath as I walked out of the concert for no real reason. The wonderful Maxwell’s show it was not.

But I still love Karen, Nick, and Brian and their beautiful music.

I’m tired, but here’s my crappy cameraphone photo:

yeah yeah yeahs roseland

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UPDATE: I also want to mention that I got to see The Dirtbombs play this night as well (they were the second opener). As some commenters have noted, The Dirtbombs are a great band from Detroit, and I’ve seen them I don’t know how many times and how many different lineups. (Actually, the first time I saw them, the YYYs were opening for them at Bowery.)  But one thing remains the same, they always give a great, energetic show. One of the most memorable shows I’ve seen of there’s was at Bowery–last night of their tour. Drumkits got SMASHED, there was rafter climbing…insane.

Oh, and this week is official 2002 flashback week.

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  1. That’s how you rock at a YYY show…minus the shoving to the front…and the Tom Cruise commotion next door.

    I thought you sold your ticket?

  2. Seriously, what is it about Roseland that stimulates the lizard brain of everyone who walks through the door? I just don’t get it. I’ll skip seeing shows by bands I really, really like if they’re playing Roseland… the crowds are just abysmal!

  3. First time to see Karen O in person. She has a crazy sexual aura. Quite impressed really. There is something extremely attractive about a woman who truly thrives in the traditionally male dominated lead rock singer role.

  4. the crowd was really energetic where i was towards the right in the front. good times.

  5. hahaha very funny about the fight because i was the one wearing the raconteurs shirt trying to break it up. i felt bad for the high schooler who was about to get his head kicked in. what about the push pit? oh and let me state for the record that girls push guys down as well. was i the only one who crowd surfed?

  6. thank you to Eric for mentioning the dirtbombs – quite possibly the world’s greatest rock band, indeed. in fact, i believe that it was certainly the sheer awesomeness of the dirtbombs that inspired the angry, anxious enthusiasm . Up in the front, just stage right (right in front of Co, who let me feel the scar from where she cut her hand at the knitting factory a few months back) experienced this thrill as a momentous push into the metal bars (my forearms are still sore). It was not the greatest crowd, a lot of teenage girls with liip rings and what not, but sometimes i feel like these conversations get dominated by talk of the scene (or lack thereof) rather than how the music is – which in the case of last night’s yyys show is – fucking unbelievable. maybe we should talk about that more.
    by the way laura, you should note the dirtbombs not only because they kick ass but, as you no doubt are already aware, that big, blond sullen looking boy playing the drums is ben blackwell, jack white’s nephew.

  7. A great show tonight all around and in fact the crowd was practically dead all night – just some jumping during YYY. We sat in the balcony during the Black Lips set and the YYY’s were next to us. That was pleasant – it’s cool to see Karen O dressed in normal boring atire. The Lips were decent, the Dirtbombs were perfect of course, and the YYY were more than fine. I actually preferred the way they played the songs at Bowery more but the venue sound was indeed better.

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