Radio 4, Back In Action

Why is it when I mentioned to everyone that I was seeing NYC’s Radio 4 last week at the Astralwerks offices the overwhelming response was, “Woah, are they still around?” Yes, they are still around and they’ve got a new album, Enemies Like These, dropping in a couple of weeks and they will start touring an european town near you starting in May (June for you Yanks), so act like you heard.

They continue doing what they do best–upbeat shouty dance music. One song in particular caught my ear during their set was the latin-flavored tune “This Is Not a Test” which was accented by bongo beats and the high-pitched chimes of a set of agogo bells. You can take a listen to it over at the Astralwerks site.

radio 4 at astralwerks

4 Replies to “Radio 4, Back In Action”

  1. i love radio 4! and i thought that was a great performance. they are one of those bands who were playing dance music before it was cool to do so and then when dance rock got big, they didn’t, and that’s too bad cos they’re fucking awesome live. wahoo.
    more pictures of the dude on the left ;o)

  2. i dig radio 4 too…although, the bongo-ist/percussionist on the right always seems a bit out of touch…like your slow cousin charlie-out of touch…you know, kind of retarded.

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