6 Replies to “Links for 2006-04-28”

  1. Pete released something saying that that picture was completely staged. I’m inclined to believe him.

  2. Staged or not, that picture made me feel ill. Was it for artistic purposes or is he hoping to get thrown in prison to ‘save himself (cause’ prisons have no drugs in them….).
    If someone ‘staged’ a picture of sexual assault whilst someone was unconscious would that be conisdered cool? Nah, didnt think so.

    At least Lou Reed and David Bowie had the goods to back up all the crap Pete appears to have bought into . I know the man is struggling but he is being offered help, and repeatedly knocked it back. I mean he appears to have escpape prison for a series of executive misdemeanours when no other member of the British public would.

    And to think we were worrying about Jack White writing and song for Coke!!!

  3. it’s just sad when you see him when he goes to court and stuff and all of his teenage fans are saying things like ” pete, you’re great” or “don’t give up man” or “yes, my bro was a junkie too, now he died and you are like resuscitate him” or “thank you man, show them how we do it”
    i could go on, it’s just sad and sick that so many kids actually think that a man destroying himself it’s cool.

  4. Hey.I`m from Croatia,and I`m a big fan of The White Stripes and The Raconteurs.I just love their music,and…I wanted tu say how I realy like your site,the news,everything…and I can`t wait to hear the news about Jack`s first baby…

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