Crib Notes for My One Click Apperance

Hey all-

For anyone who listened to the broadcast of Imran Ahmed’s One Click Magazine program on BBC Radio 1 and heard me talking about Jack White, Wonder Showzen, MySpace sluts, and Second Life. (You can listen to the broadcast until May 2nd right here.)

Here’s your guide to where to find more information on the things I talked about with Imran.

WATCH: Jack White’s Coca-Cola commercial

YELL AT EACH OTHER: My post about Jack White’s Coke commercial 

OFFICIAL SITE: Wonder Showzen

WIKI: Zig and Zag

VIEW: MediaBistro’s MySpace slut thread, Tila Tequila’s MySpace profile, Tila Tequila’s Official Web site (NSFW)

GET A NEW LIFE: Second Life

LISTEN: To me talking about all of the above on OneClick Magazine

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