Links for 2006-04-23

Down and Dirty
We all know what happened to Pete Doherty when the Libertines broke up. But what about his friend and partner Carl Barat? He tells Simon Hattenstone about romance, betrayal and an evil alter ego

Art? It’s like the sex trade
Pop artist Stella Vine will accuse leading galleries publicly this week of mendaciously ripping off talented young newcomers. The painters find themselves, she tells David Smith, in an environment like the clubs where she once worked as a stripper.

Plain crazy
Just who are Gnarls Barkley, makers of the year’s hottest hit? Sanjiv Bhattacharya unmasks the story of a very strange act

MTV2- Discover and Download

For MySpace, Making Friends Was Easy. Big Profit Is Tougher, a social networking site, is ready for its members to meet advertisers.

And You Thought Abercrombie & Fitch Was Pushing It?
The NY TImes finally discovers American Apparel

Panic In the Mosh Pit
Ryan Ross of Panic! at the Disco loves Queen and accordions

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