The Gayest Night Known to Man: Scissor Sisters at Bowery Ballroom

Any Scissors Sisters show is Homo Central, but how MANY Scissors Sisters shows actually have MOTHERF*CKING CHER at them (below)? Thank god Liza wasn’t also at the Bowery Ballroom tonight, otherwise there may have been a gay sensory overload!

The show was nothing short of stellar–I’d never seen the Scissor Sisters live before, and they certainly did not disappoint. Fun, sassy, and totally campy, the gays and fag hags (like myself) danced their little boot-ays off like it was the last night of the Roxy.

Since it was their first performance in about 9 months, they played both old and new songs, and the diva-rific Ana Matronic told us she called Madonna a “‘tard…a leotard” in her dreams, heralded Earth Day, and demanded the revival of dropping acid.

After the show ended the lights did not come up, dance music kept playing and the main floor of the Bowery Ballroom morphed into a mini Kurfew with boys twirling around to the electronic beats. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of them are STILL dancing right now…

SET LIST: Take Your Mama/ I Can’t Decide/ Tits on the Radio/ She’s My Man/ Laura/ Paul McCartney/ Everybody Wants the Same Thing/ Kiss You Off/ Mary/ The Other Side/ I Don’t Feel Like Dancing/ Comfortably Numb/ Music Is the Victim/ Land of a Thousand Words. ENCORE: Filthy Gorgeous

More over at the Music Slut.

UPDATE: Report from Bao on Sunday’s show, instead of Cher, Karl Lagerfeld and KYLIE FREAKING MINOGUE were at the show!!!!

scissor sisters at bowery

scissor sisters at bowery

scissor sisters at bowery

scissor sisters at bowery

scissor sisters at bowery

scissor sisters at bowery

scissor sisters at bowery

Who the hell is that woman dressed like a hootchie mama on crack?

cher at bowery ballroom

Oh crap! It’s Cher, of course!

cher at bowery ballroom

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27 replies on “The Gayest Night Known to Man: Scissor Sisters at Bowery Ballroom”

  1. miss ana is so the hell does jumpin’ jake go from cut as hell blue rock/pop god to to LIKE EWW!!NASTY!!i want that blue lighting!chers makeup running in the rain,not a pretty thought.great pix as usual.

  2. I’ve always wanted to see them live. Thanks for the pics!

    Color me shocked whenever I found out that Ana is transgendered. I would have never guessed in a million years.

  3. Ana isn’t transgendered :S
    I was at the show too, and was by the looks of it rifght next to you snapping away too.

  4. um, actually, i didn’t even know Cher was there until after the Scissor Sisters were done and i was on my way to go downstairs and get my coat. thanks.

  5. pfff and we (sunday night) got kylie minogue and karl lagerfeld.
    cher should of came again.

  6. at first i didn’t think it was Cher. she looked way to…..human, somehow.
    awesome show.
    i love that they came right out with “Take Your Mama Out.” It was a knockout punch, from which none of us recovered

    the show rocked

  7. thanks for the pics – i wish i could have been there.
    what were the new tracks like? any monsters in there? 😉

  8. Eeek, I hope I wasn’t one of the “twirling boys” who stuck around after SS left the stage. I was there, and I was dancing, but I hope I don’t come across as a Kurfew boy. LOL…

    Great pics!!

  9. well, she might be old-but shes fucking awesome and hot….too bad there are only few women like cher…..

  10. flyboy wise the h up..
    you must one of those homophobes, if you like cher then you are considered gay!!
    little boy sooo jealous that he is broke and Cher is laughing right to the bank..

  11. the scissor sisters: you all are filthy gorgeous! rock on, grrlz! rock on forever!

    sign me,
    in awe

    p.s. next time you come to toronto, please give me a heads up … missed your show last time you were here.

  12. Hello World!

    So much about a sex change for Ana – what (?) -at London’s concert recently she looked very obviously pregnant.

    Is this -or will it be -a ‘Snippet’?
    La Brett

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