I’m Huge in Brazil

A.A. was very nice and sent along this link to me of an article that was published in Folha de Sao Paulo, which apparently is the largest circulation newspaper in Brazil.

What I find peculiar about this article is that I see my photo of The Muldoons being republished with no credit, no payment, nor any notification. If you know Portuguese and want to translate a letter to the editor for me, let’s make it happen.

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  1. Lucio Ribeiro is this reallllyyy “good” (sarcasm goes here) journalist that clips the NME and RollingStone, by that I can asure you that he does speak english, or he would not have nothing to re-write about.

    and can be found at > lucio@uol.com.br


  2. As Luciana already told you Lucio Ribeiro speaks english so you can send the letter to him in english. But probably he will not do anything about it. He thinks he’s cool enouth to care about.
    BTW… a really great site you have here


  3. Hey, this really sucks. I guess your watermark is gonna have to appear right across the image now.

  4. You should really write him, although he might think you already know him since he thinks he’s so damn cool and known by people.

    BTW, love you webpage and am really happy to see that there are other Brazilians who read it.

  5. Everyone hates him. But every indie boy or girl who lives in Brazil take a look at this weekly column.

  6. My god.. i didnt know that so many people from braz(like me) read this blog.
    i´m sorry .. but forget what they have said above.. Lucio Ribeiro is the most known musical journalist here, and everybody jealous him.

  7. yeah, audim… Lucio is the best journalist ever. I really admire the way he balances his activities. It’s not everyone who can write a weekly column about “indie rock” (ewww! ) and, at the same time, be the editor for the Brazilian equivalent to “Seventeen” magazine. I really admire that and I am absolutely jealous. After all, my subscriptions to NME, Rolling Stone and Spin just expired, so I can’t keep up with him anymore. (by the way, I am being ironic about it all – Lucio sucks)

  8. i don’t know if lucio is the best, he’s just the most popular, and the fact he’s using Laura’s pics demonstrates that he’s not that good. And, at least, he should know that he’s violating some rights here..

  9. I read it here before. I read it there later. The Raconteurs are the most important, after all.
    Anyhow, you’re right to ask for your credis. Giving information for us brazilians does not allow him not to tell where did he got it from. The work of translating the news is a work, but telling storys around that are not yours as if they were is not that cool.
    Here in Brasil he is a source, that’s all, ’cause we don’t have many magazines neither many shows as you in the USA or UK.
    Not just a hipocrate, he has his value. But your piece on it should be mentioned.
    Anyhow, yes, write him yourself an open mail. We here will ask him about it. Let’s see what happens.

  10. Not only I know Portuguese, I’d love to help anything that has to do with sueing that bastard.

  11. I’m a newspaper photo editor and this type of copyright infringement would not fly in a U.S. paper. (Or at least it doesn’t in mine) I suggest you send them a invoice for each photo they have already used. Something in the range of $150-$200 USD each. I would also demand they print a correction that gives you credit for the photos. As for your Flickr, I would disable the download function. You can do that in your account info. I had a band steal one of my photos off of Flickr and it was very hard to make them stop using it.

  12. Oh, don’t let anyone in Brazil tell you that you’re huge. I think your figure is just fine.

  13. Gee! I was sure I was the only one from Brazil that used to read this blog…but, you probably sure, TMA are huge in Brazil. At least I found a lot of new readers here! 🙂

    And you totally should ask him for your credits. And I think a bunch of braz are doing the same right now…anyway, that’s a great blog! Congrats!


  14. thats just prove that Lucio Ribeiro is a dull writer. Clipping is all he ever do. And by the commotion on this topic now he is aware that Brazilian readers know his sources….and that anyone can write like him, (copy- translate – paste)…. and he get paid for it.. christ!

  15. Right, okey guys. He’s already fixed this and gave the credits to this blog.
    Some of you might not like the way he writes and such things (saying ‘he thinks he’s cool’ and all) but he is, like many have said, a source if information in Brazil.
    And I damn doubt you brazillians who posted here don’t take a look at his column once a week. 😉

    Btw, since WHEN everyone hates Lucio? Don’t be quite sure of this, sweetie.

  16. Lucio’s a great guy, those who are commenting obviously don’t know him. Laura, you already know him by association, so ask one of your Brazilian friends to speak to him if you have a problem.

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