I Went to an Indie Rock Show and All I Got Was this Stupid Picture

Tonight I went to the Clap Your Hands Say Yeah show at Bowery Ballroom. When I wasn’t up front jumping around and dancing with everyone else, I was leaned up against the wall off to the side. It was then that I noticed two people next to the band equipment full-on making out. I couldn’t believe that no one else noticed so I tapped I.A. on the shoulder and made him look at what was going on.

The couple were kissing and groping beyond anything I’ve ever seen at Bowery Ballroom. I said, “man, I wish I had a flashlight to shine on them!” I.A. pulled out his cell phone and flashed the brightly-lit screen in their direction. They didn’t seem to notice. I told him to put it away, because I was going to take a picture with my flash.

By the time I got my camera set up, the couple had stopped smooching and resorted to dry humping each other, with the girl grinding up against the guy. I hesitated taking a photo several times because what if they noticed and started punching me or something? I.A. suggested doing a photo series: “How sexy is this CYHSY song?” based on the makeout level of the drunk people. I didn’t have the heart to do that (althought it would have been hilarious). But I did eventually take a shot (below).

When I looked at the picture I realized it was a perfect representation of what you typically see at an indie rock show, so I made the following diagram (click to view larger photo):

clap your hand say yeah, anatomy of an indie rock show

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27 replies on “I Went to an Indie Rock Show and All I Got Was this Stupid Picture”

  1. Show was lame. I left halfway, dont understand what all the hype is about. I love how the hype arrow is pointing right at my ass. Thanks lol

  2. hahah…that is a great photo and the diagram is hilarious”plaid shirt”,”wallet”.i swear everytime i try to ween myself off this blog you put some good shite up.i think that’s called talent.C.Y.H.S.Y. sound like a lazy and soulless Talking Heads,which of course makes for a lazy and soulless show.

  3. My eyes nearly popped out of my skull when i saw this i was at the CYHSY concert in Belfast and the picture you took was exactly the same as what was going on here…..

  4. something tells me they met on craigslist.

    guy’s post: 27m, extra tix for clap hands if you dry hump me during ‘is this love?’
    girl’s response: 4 shizzy.

  5. It is hard to tell with the pixelated face but he reminds me of the drunk guy dancing at south street seaport last summer. HIs apparent drunkeness, girth and black suit all remind me of that video.

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  7. So what’s the real knock against CYHSY, since all uber-cool bloggers/scenesters love to rip them these days: Have you all decided a.) they aren’t any good in general, b.) they aren’t any good live, or c.) they are just way to indie-popular NOT to rip.

    Really, I’m curious.

  8. love the pic. well i was at the saturday show, but your “blogger” arrow is still pointing right at where i was. didnt catch any dry-humping at my show, although the really drunk guy by me kept bumping his hands into the girl’s ass in front of him…she didn’t seem too entertained though. other than that, all the stereotypes seemed to fit! Pics from Saturday’s show.

  9. you people are stupid because you just want to have sex and get drunk.

  10. Being a man (and having seen pictures of melon sex) I don’t have any trouble believing that the sticky business took place as described.

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