12 Replies to “Franzypants (TM) Frees It Up with MySpace”

  1. I just went down to Tower… They will ask you for a print out with Secret show in Top 8. There looks to be plenty of wristbands available.. See you manana..

  2. So this free myspace Franz show, this is going to be a stalker’s dream, no school, a crowd of 14-year olds. I just watched that Dateline piece on MSNBC.com. Kids are stupid.

  3. so it is going to be me and 14 years old… when did i become the uncool chaperone like figure at shows.. oh well! at least i can say thank god for half day fridays… corporate only glimpse of a soul…

  4. seriously, how do they have enough energy to do 2 shows in a row and a free matinee 1 day?? (even w/ all the drugs they’re probably using?)

  5. did you forget that you have to pay us each $5 every time you use our phrase? oh, you did? well i’m just reminding you now…

    btw we did not get tix (but thanks for asking). we have a plane at 9:30 am to catch to texas…no we’re not going to a show…we’re going to see family dur!!

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