Why No Love for “Love Monkey”?

Last night I also caught 1 1/2 episodes of the canceled tv show, Love Monkey,” on VH1. Too bad this show was on CBS (a network I never watch) and didn’t seem to attract the ratings it was looking for because from the little I saw, the program was great.

Sure there were over-the-top artist placements (yeah, like Ben Folds is going to be right outside the NYC hotel you came out of AND be playing for the Queen), not to mention a Teddy Geiger overload (who looks like a cross between Chrissy from “Growing Pains” and what my friend Kelly calls “Non-John Mayer”), but as someone who is somewhat familiar with the music industry, I found it pretty true-to-life and funny. Tom Cavanagh is winning as the major label record exec who gets fired and dumped in the same day, but then gets hired by an indie label. And hoolllllaaa at Jason Priestley as the paranoid and neurotic doctor.

Interested in seeing more? Starting next week, VH1 will show the five episodes that didn’t make it, weekly at 9 p.m. Tuesday.

Oh “Love Monkey,” we hardly new ya.


13 Replies to “Why No Love for “Love Monkey”?”

  1. yeah, what’s up with this post??? you just lost 346.34 cool points…love monkey is what’s wrong with the music industry.

    My 54 year old uncle thought it was “cool.”

  2. ahahahhaha. you realize i’m just writing stuff to piss people off at this point? But i do kinda like Love Monkey for the camp value.

  3. Yeah i was one of the few who watched love monkey on cbs. Its a great show (did you see the performance by Robbers on Hight Street??!) She wants revenge will also perform.

  4. I hated it, yet I watched it every single week when it was on CBS. My favorite is the “sex and the city” bad dialogue, but with the genders reversed.

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