I’m Tellin’ Y’all It’s a Sabotage

The Raconteurs already have an alias name down under. The band has been forced to change their name in Austrialia due to the fact that another band uses the name of The Raconteurs. What type of music do The Raconteurs AUS play? Jazz, of course!

Brendan, Jack, Jack, and Patrick have changed the band name to The Saboteurs when playing and selling merchandise in Australia.

Say Benson and White in a statement about the name change, “The Raconteurs name was already taken by a jazz band, to make things easier, and in the spirit of espionage and subversion, we have decided to become The Saboteurs in Australia only.”

Their album Broken Boy Soldiers will be released on Remote Control Records in Oz.

Thanks to Eddy for the link.

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