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The Streets, The Hardest Way to Make an Easy Living
The rest sounds like a cautionary tale, although not the cautionary tale that Skinner thinks it is. It stands as a dire warning that even the most gifted writer can’t inject anything new into the worn-out topics of on-the-road excess and celebrity ennui.

Apple Fans Gallery
As a group, Apple fans act like Hells Angels or Trekkies, but they’re loyal to a brand of computers instead of motorcycles or sci-fi. Here are some of the ways they express their devotion.

Alison Jackson
Artist who stages ficticious reportage and portrait photos of the rich and (in)famous

A rocker with a long-playing police record
Quick: Hum a tune from Pete Doherty’s band Babyshambles. Can’t do it? How about one from his better-known band, the Libertines? Can’t do that either? Then answer this question: Why do so many people know who Pete Doherty is?

Stephen Petronio Teams With Rufus Wainwright to Create ‘Bloom,’ About Unjaded Youth
Mr. Petronio, known for grown-up works, finds inspiration in children for his latest work.

Threepenny Opera – Isaac Mizrahi – Alan Cumming
They also are a racy departure from what Bertolt Brecht might have envisioned when he conceived "The Threepenny Opera" in the late 1920’s as a wicked sendup of bourgeois proprieties; the costumes in early productions underscored Brecht’s proposition that

Cute Stuffed Animals
Made by Kim Parker (whose textile designs have been seen in Gap, Pottery Barn and Anthropologie stores, among others), the origin of this species lies in a visually striking children’s book by Ms. Parker called "Counting in the Garden"

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