The Night of Unexpected Crooning

Man oh man. You ever have one of those nights where at the start of the evening you have absolutely no idea how much it’s going to rock? That happened today.

I just got home from seeing Sondre Lerche play a 32+ song set list at Bowery Ballroom. THIRTY-TWO PLUS SONGS I SAID. That’s a crazy marathon set the likes of which Ryan Adams would attempt. It was over 2 hours and 10 minutes of music. Dear Jesus. The reason why 32 songs were played? Because the majority of it was a first-ever performance of the songs off of Sondre’s new album–the one he hasn’t recorded yet, but the one that he and the Faces Down are soon going to be traveling to LA to lay down tracks for. Hottt.

The new material is awesome. The upcoming album is so Sondre Lerche’s dance/disco album. For real, some of those songs could have passed for We Are Scientists.

sondre at bowery ballroom 2006, march

sondre at bowery ballroom 2006, march

He didn’t do number 31, “No One’s Gonna Come,” instead he played “Lulu” a Norwegian children’s song. He and the Faces Down also did not do a conversation between 4 Norwegians.

More over at The Oh So Quiet Show.

Prior to getting to the Bowery I went to Le One Night Stand at Hiro where I witnessed Miss Audrey sing a bunch of Gainsbourg/Birkin songs. I couldn’t believe it! I thought she might be doing one, but she did like 4 or 5. So nuts. I loved it. Move over Nouvelle Vague!

audrey at hiro

Now it’s time for me to go to sleep. I’ve been standing since 8pm.

More later…

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  1. Saw GIL MANTERA’S PARTY DREAM instead at Northsix. I am sure Sondre is good, but he has nothin on Ultimate Donny.

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