Reading Festival: It’s Like Someone Sucked Out My Brain and Put Together the Lineup

Have you seen the lineup for this year’s Carling Weekend: Reading Festival? I nearly cried when I took a look:

Franz Ferdinand, Kaiser Chiefs, Belle & Sebastian, Fall Out Boy, The Subways, Panic! at the Disco, Muse, Arctic Monkeys, The Streets, Dirty Pretty Things, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Futureheads, The Cribs, Wolfmother, Placebo, My Chemical Romance, Maximo Park, The Rakes, The Kooks, and many more.

With a lineup like that I’ve got half a mind to attend…but I’ve never been to a festival before and I want to know more about what they are like. I think we’ve all seen those bonker photos of tents floating away in the rain, and mudcovered teenagers who look like they haven’t slept in a few days.

But for those of you who have actual first-hand experience, do you have any tips or stories to share? Did you camp? Where did you travel from? Was it just great fun, or was it just a big fat mess? Would you recommend attending, or skipping it in favor or something less…massive.

Or are you actually planning to be at this year’s festival? I’d love to read your comments.

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  1. If you’re going to go all the way to England for a festival, go to Glastonbury. Reading always has a “better” line-up (i.e. more hip indie-types) but the atmosphere of Glastonbury is a million times more fun. The setting is beautiful, there’s a ton of crazy hippie shit going on, and you’ll end up stumbling into some woodland grove full of bulgarian folk musicians, or some such, and end up spending the whole weekend there. Reading, by contrast, is just a bunch of bands in a field.

  2. I’ve been twice, but this year I’m camping for the first time. It is definitely worth going. I’ve had amazing times there, and although I hear the atmosphere is better at Glastonbury, I go to Reading for the music dammit.
    Also Reading is later on in the summer so there’s a much smaller risk of flooding (than say glastonbury). The site is also a lot smaller so you can dash from stage to stage. I definitely reccomend going.

  3. reading and leeds sold out…in 20 minutes.
    dont camp, you smell and trip over tent pegs.

  4. i’m going to be there.
    and i’m not afraid about the rain, i mean i go to spas to get covered with mould, and in there i can also listen to good music while i get perfect skin..

  5. im doing the benicassim (link above) and reading double this year. im really looking forward to them both – camped at reading last year and it was really great. sure i hadnt showered/gone for a proper shit in several days but its just really really great fun. well worth it. and £130 for all those bands. just wow.

  6. Every music fan needs to experience an English festival crowd…the most fun you’ll ever have if you don’t mind getting pushed around a bit. I went to a big one in Ireland a few summers back and had the time of my life. Seeing Muse there (who you didn’t even mention above…for shame) still stands up as probably the best set of music I’ve ever, ever seen. I had grown men dropping to their knees in tears next to me screaming “Matt Bellamy is God!” At the top of their lungs. You just don’t get that in New York…

    I love the lineup too…if it wasn’t sold out and I had the kind of money to make another big trip right now, I’d be there in a second.

  7. oh, yes , the benicassim should be great.. and maybe you can go visit some beautiful places while you are there.. and the strokes are playing (also in the turin traffic festival)

  8. I went to V. I stayed in a b&b in the town. There are shuttle buses that leave from the townsquare to the festival grounds non stop all day. I was lucky to have 2 days of sunshine. It sunshowered during sunset when coldplay sang everythings not lost and my heart exploded with love for england and chris martin. I think i saw like 15 bands or so bands play, didnt get my clothes ruined, managed to eat and drink, and still go back to my hotelroom to relax and clean up. For a high maintenence gal like myself, the bed and breakfast + festival worked out really well.

  9. festival crowds suck!
    i’m always tempted to go for the music but have no desire to be squished by a bunch of drunk frat boys…
    though i have to say i haven’t been to a festival in a few years.

  10. I went to Reading last year two days after returning from spending three months camping throughout Africa. The funny thing is Reading challenged my hygene more than any of the places I have lived in the world including Africa. And I was a Peacecorp volunteer who lived in a mud hut with no ammenties for two and half years… But besides the scattered garbage, gas tank explosions and overflowing latrines, it was a blast. Absinthe, live music and bonfires…. come on..

    One word to the wise…Expect not to sleep ever or find some heavy duty ear plugs…

    I had such a great time that I actually got a ticket to attend Leeds this year. I wanted to go to T in the Park but it went on sale in the middle of the night(now in NYC) and sold out in seconds flat. So, Leeds, it is…. I will be up in Geordie country, up north…

    Then, next year, I will do Glasto.. I was suppose to go last year but they lost ticket in the mail… I had to return back to New York for the weekend and was not there to sign for the ticket. And ticket was sent back and blah, blah… they would not let me in… it was so dissappointing. So many friends and friends bands were there…

    glasto is about the vibe while reading and leeds is about the music..

  11. dont know about overseas but i live in austin and have been to acl 3x and coachella 5x and camping sucks. drink lots of water no matter what it cost. but counting how many times i have been to festivals lets you know how fun they are.. so go.

  12. Amy,

    I live, ‘up North’ and there’s no Gordies in my vicinity

    Bit of a sweeping statement me thinks

  13. I am sorry to offend…. My friends from the area always call themselves “Geordies” in affectionate way… I did not know it was derogatory… kind of thought it was like me who grew up in the Boston area and being called a Yankee….

    and compared to reading, leeds is north…. there is no way getting around that…

  14. Well i ‘m going there, i think its well worth getting sweaty and dirty if you get to see the fab bands playing there and yeah they re my favourites playing too.What was some one up there talkng about only the weekend tickets are sold out,that was a bit of a negetive sorta thing to say anyway i was going to go to v which is about 30 mins from where i live but looking at the line up i decided to travel that much further ot see the good bands i think its going to be ace! im well looking forward to it already! xoLeLeox

  15. Geordies are those from newcastle, one city very up north. Up north includes manchester, leeds, etc

    Reading and Leeds are great festivals, definately not as good as glasto but theyre more compact but still with plenty to do.

    Watch those pesky security though…

  16. reading this year is gonna be immense

    im from reading… its the shits…

    you dont care if it smells, rains etc

    atmosphere is great

    beware of smelly mens arm pits at nose level for girls tho

    *(not too nice)*

    reading is in the south (like 40 miles from london)

    leeds is in the midlands

    then new castle is in the north = geordies

    if u call leeds folk geordies… they may not like you too much!!

  17. I’m going to T in The Park this year:

    Being a Glasgow lass an’ all.

    If you have never been to a festival, you have to experience it at least once. You feel utterly disgusting at the end of it, but you have so many memories and seeing so many bands packed into one weekend, you marvel how you get through it all, haha.

    I have only been to one festival where there was some rain, so fingers crossed it will just be as nice this year come festival time.

    I would seriously consider it if i were you. DO IT!

  18. Hmmm…Line up not too hot me-thinks…Pearl Jam id say was about the only good signing of the weekend..Im going to get hammered anyway fuck it…Come over and say hi..Scouse Power !

  19. Yes go to reading it is awesome and if the weather is nice which it is set to be then you will have an awesome time.
    I have been the last 3 years and camped the last two and have always had crazy fun.

    Lots of kids and idiots but lots of fun can be had

  20. I like da way SOLDOUTEVENTZ.CO.UK are promoting themselves BUT BEWARE!!!!! Once they have ya money ya won’t be able to contact them and ya can say tata to ya wonga

  21. I lost 398 pounds for two v tickets that I never got I am going to take him to court thanks for the address!!

  22. I lost £230 on reading tickets that I didn’t get . We need to link this man’s name to losng money when you but on the internet BE WARNED!!!!

  23. I lost £230 on reading ticket that I didn’t get . We need to link this man’s name to losng money when you but on the internet BE WARNED!!!!

  24. how does reading work exactly? ive never been but i am going to next year hopefully. so if youre camping there, how do they know if youre camping, i know you get one of those wrist band things. What day would you go down there if you were camping and were do you go and all that. Do they check your age, you know if youre drinkign alcohol and youre underage. i really wanna go next year but im curious about how it works. x

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